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Victron Multi PLus 2 with solis grid tie inverter


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Good day,

I want to setup a grid tie solar system with a phase 2 backup with victron multiplus 2.  

Long term in trying to achieve what is described here:
now there is lots of talk about fronious and SMA grid tie inverters which are extremely expensive in SA.

My question, is there anyway to use a SOLS or any other grid tie brand for that matter, with the multipus 2 inverter to achieve the same results?  I saw a small statement somehwere that you can buy the victron POWER meter, and put that between the grid tie and the multi plus, then that power meter will talk with the GX controller to tell the multiplus when to charge etc?

Sorry I am very new to all of this, so just trying to figure it out.

This is my thinking:

Step 1: Purchase 2Kw of solar panels, and install them on my roof, then buy a lower cost GRID TIE inverter,  3kw (for future expansion) like the Solis Mini 3kw.

Reasoning for this, is this is the only real form of ROI. I want to do this purely for the green consciousness, and cost saving. We live in a flat and use R600.00 power so ROI is going to be very long for me.

Note flat has old school meters that push back, into the block of flats, then there is a fancy propper meter for the entier building, so my plan is to pushback (into the block, not public grid) in the day, and then use at night.

Once this is up and running, I then want to look into adding the multiplus2 inverter with a LIPO battery.. At this moment this step is extremely expensive and offers very little ROI.

Step 2: 

Victron Multiplus 2  3kva inverter with smaller size LIPO battery.  (But what's important here is that the GX controller and still use the grid tie up stream to know when and how to charge the batteries.

Looking for some good help & advice around all of this.  Looking to install it my self. 



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