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  1. ABB has sold their solar manufacturing facilities to FimerSpa. This includes all three R&D centers as well as the Power-One factory where the string inverters are manufactured. As for the products, they are still exactly the same and operate with the same functions and still 100% compatible with Victron. Only the name changes. We were the technical partner for ABB string inverters in Sputh Africa and we are now the technical partner for FimerSpa. When trying to decide whether to use AC or DC coupled, you have to look at a couple of things. What time of day is your load mostly. How big
  2. You can also use ABB for ESS. https://www.victronenergy.com/live/ccgx:abb
  3. Also just keep in mind, if you do bond neutral end earth on the genny and take it to your earthing point, make sure your neutrals are also switched through your change over.
  4. If you have a new washing machine, chances are the drum motor is on a vsd. That will help in reducing the consumption of the wash and spin cycles. 1st with using slower speeds, second by using a smaller than usual motor to turn the drum. If it was on DOL then the motor would probably not get the drum going, but with a VSD it builds up speed and when it kicks inot hyper drive at the end of a spin cycle it already has some momentum going.
  5. To allow the Inverter to control the power output better as to not pull the turbine to a standstill if there isn`t enough wind
  6. If you had a Victron installed i could`ve halped you. We can AC couple to Victron with ABB connected to a Kestrel wind turbine.
  7. Everytime i see that name starting with an R I feel a bit of vomit coming up. Somehow I end up having to help their customers figure stuff out at least every 2nd week. (sorry for the rant) Yes I do have stock, please send me your email in PM.
  8. What you should do is look at specific yield. You should be getting between 1400 -1600kwh/kwp over 12 months. This obviously varies according to region. If you get to that, then don`t worry about the module getting to it`s max because that is dependent on too many vairables.
  9. Just keep in mind that if you use 300mA units it is not for human protection so you would still need to use 30mA for the socket outlets, pool pump and geyser/s. If I loo at the schematic it looks like Goodwe only want an RCD/RCBO on the output and suggests that you us eon for the non essential loads. But if you already have a RCD for your sockets on the non essential circuits then I wouldn`t bother with it. Just use a 300mA RCBO on the output and make sure that your socket outlets on the essential ciscuits are still protected by a 30mA RCD/RCBO. p.s. watch out for mixing neut
  10. Which one are you looking for? We have 300mA RCBO units available for machine protection but max 40A. They are calleds DS201 units. Then we also have a high tolerance RCD units in stock with 30mA rating. They are 63A but do not have over current protection built in.
  11. You have to use a break before make device. Either with 2 interlocked contactors or with a change over. Even better if you use an ATS to control this to allow for some delays before switching to stop your change over from switching on and off in case of grid overload when power comes back.
  12. Yes, that is the key. You need two phases into the VSD with 400V between them. This picture is a dual phase VSD panel supplying irrigation pumps.
  13. Or maybe it is lost in translation. He is probably using a 3 phase VSD and taking only two phases in. That way you can still put put 3 x 400V to the motor as long as the inputs on the VSD is big enough to handle the full power required by the motor. My VSD at home runs on two phases with a 3 phase 400V motor connected to it. And just yesterday we commisioned a Dual Phase VSD panel for a farmer in the Karoo. He only has two phases coming in from Eskom.
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