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Pylontech Battery Mixing Alarm

Stuart G

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My battery bank consists of 3x US3000 with 3x US2000. Am using larger as Master, all others slaves. BMS seem to control okay BUT my Sofar ME3000 display BatOV fault every time batteries reach max 95% SOC. Inverter fault is Bit2. 

Any help or advice please. Have already tried reducing SOC to 90%. And reduced charge voltage to 52.3v.
Still same fault every time. I’m Lost  



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Looking at the State of Charge (SoC) on the batteries, it looks they need balancing.
Is this a new setup?

I have 4 x US3000 and when I installed them, I kept getting overcharge warnings from my Victron inverter as they were not balanced. It took around a week to balance them.
You would need to cycle them to 20% SoC and give them time.

They have protection mechanisms in the BMS so you won't damage them.

What is the charge voltage set at?

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Hi Bobby so charge voltage is 53.2v. Yes new setup, been in place for few weeks.

Im new to this so what’s cycle mean on batteries. How do I do that. 

My ME3000 inverter configuration settings are DoD 80%. Unsure what you mean to cycle to 20%.
Apologies I’m a newbie to this 

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Looking at the inverter manual, charge voltage seem ok but for the purpose of checking if the error would disappear, I would set it to 52.5V (check the spec sheet of the US2000)
Your DoD settings also look ok. What I have seen in couple of different inverter brands, DoD Percentage expressions differ.
For some 80% DoD means - discharge to 80% of the battery capacity (meaning only 20% of overall capacity is consumed) and others (like yours) 80% means discharge 80% of overall battery capacity meaning only 20% of capacity would remain. :)
Hope it makes sense

Also, please i wouldn't set DoD to 90%...I think that is too much for pylons.

Added info from the Inverter Manual on what is the error you are getting



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