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Panels and orientation


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I have 6 panels facing east-ish (somewhere between E and ENE) and another 6 facing north-ish (90% to the east-ish string).

At about 12:20 my system is pulling 2.9 kw from the solar and the split is this

String 2 is the east-ish facing array, and just after noon they are still providing about 50% of the power. I've seen this repeatedly. They will be producing about 40% of the power around 14:30 in the summer.

So the panels actually have quite a range of... what's the term... effective angle of incidence?

Though of course they must, otherwise in the text book Southern hemisphere installation you'd only get good power from about 11:00 to 13:00 or something.

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On 2021/03/07 at 12:40 PM, FixAMess said:

How do you manage to get a 103% SoH?

My pylontechs, when new, only gave 100% SoH.

It's been doing that for a while. I assume because of a box my installer installed that sits between the inverter and the actually battery pack's BMS. I can't take any credit. I don't even know what SOH really means (yeah... State Of Health... but what's that?).

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