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Pool heating timer schedule


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So this is not entirely solar related, I just moved into a new place and it has pool heating via those black tubes on the roof.

The previous owner did not have it set to auto run and I cant seem to find any info about an efficient schedule to run the pump on for heating the pool a bit.

The tubes are on a north facing roof and get sun throughout the day, would appreciate some advice on the intervals to run the pump on and for how long it should run per cycle.


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It is not the same logic is heating water in a geyser.

What I have been told, having had a similar chat on another forum years ago, when I wanted to heat my pool, is that heating pool water via pipes on the roof must be done continuously. And it is less complicated.

Has something to do with each little bit the pipe heats is continuously transferred to the water. If you leave water in the pipes to heat, it is not going to heat the pool faster.

If you want the pool to heat fast, add a km of pipe on the roof. That will work much better. :D Yes, a guy actually did it, got extremely hot pool water. (rofl)

But I am repeating 2nd hand info here. I just recall the salient titbit: Keep it running. More heat needed, add more pipes.


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Good point, but you still have to run the pump and with the water being hotter, it has its own set of new problems and it still make the system complicated to switch on and off.

Versus your pump runs using solar power if there is enough solar = less complicated and the most cost effective way to keep a pool hot and clean.

For we had a pool, had the warmer water and the resultant problems of the warmer water. Had the stop start, had the cover to keep water evaporation to the minimum, switched the pump off in winter. In the end I decided the pool must go.

If you want lekker nice comfy water in your pool, you need to pump more to keep the water clear so put the pump on solar to work when the sun shines, off when there is no or not enough sun. Spend the monies on solarizing the pool pump and be done with it say I.


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The reason why -- on a retrofit system -- you only run the pump when there is a temperature differential, is to avoid mixing the water. If the pump ran continously during sunlight hours, then in the early morning it will take 15 degree water at the bottom of the tank, heat it to 16 degrees and dump it in the top of the tank. Not what you want.

With the swimming pool it doesn't matter. Pump can run continuously. In fact, the greater the difference in temperature, the better it absorbs (Inverse of Newton's law of cooling), so running the pump continuously should yield more heat.

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1 hour ago, TinkerBoy said:

Otherwise the heat from the pool would radiate
to the air).

Fair enough, you're obviously right. I thought you were talking about something different: allowing heat to build up in the collector to obtain actual hot water before you start the pump. You would actually do that if you're pumping the water into a hot water cylinder.

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