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Goodwe MPPT panel split


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Hi, I currently have 10 x 395 PolyPERC panels in 2 serie strings of 5 each on my Goodwe ES5048. I want to expand the DC input to be closer to the max DC capacity of the inverter and have roof space for only 4 more panels. I am hoping to add 4 x 460 Mono panels. Is there a problem with reconfiguring and putting the 10 x 395 on one MPPT and the 4 x 460 on the other assuming the 10 in 1 string won't exceed the max input of the inverter? The reason I am asking is that it seems the 395w will pull down the 460w when on the same string to the least common denominator. So it seems to make sense to group like together however the question is whether the inverter will handle such voltage imbalance between the 2 MPPTs graciously.

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These are the specs I can find - it would be best if you confirm these. Looks good for Canadian Solar 395W Poly panels - 10 x 47V = 470V which is less than 580V.

I don't have personal experience but my understanding is that unbalanced MPPTs are fine.

Be aware that this inverter has a current limit of 11A per string. Not sure but you might be over that with the 460W mono panels.



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