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Hi Guys.

I was doing some market research as a High offering for solar. We have made contact with SUNPOWER overseas.

They have the E20 panel at a very high price of R14.20 per. ZAR/Wp. On these premium 327W Beasts.

Have a look at the attachment. I am wondering if this is something worth while to put on the store? I am doubtful as its double the price of a "normal panel" , But thought I would post it for conversation sake. Let know what you all think. It is beautiful however!



Residential - SPR-E20-327.pdf

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If I have to replace my panels, I am getting the biggest Sunpower panels they have at that time, but that is years into the future. ;)

Was me, I would put them on the site as an option, with a note that stock only ordered if there is a order. Would not keep stock.

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Haha Agree with you. They are very beautiful tho! But at double the cost of a "Normal Panel" wow, it is a luxury item. I was just interested to find out what is on the market for you guys on the 20% efficiency range. I have asked for costings on the E18 Range Mono Panels. They will let me know. I think they go for about R9-11 or so. 

Will Find out!


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I am just waiting for that person who figures a plan to keep panels cold, ok, at least cooler then, under the African sun.

See these new models: bisun_270_duo_EN.pdf

These panels where brought to my attention a few weeks ago ... solar power from front AND back ... and they work for the supplier sells them to farmers.

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