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VenusGX Scripting

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Hi there everyone. 

So finally got around to getting our ESS system in. Pretty new to the whole thing. Running it currently in Optimized with Batterylife. While i'm quite stoked with the operation it has currently, i'd like to take a bit more hands on control of when the battery stops discharging, PVs prioritize the charging, etc. Maybe i'm being picky, but myself and the mrs have some ideas on how we would best want the thing to operate to work best for us in terms of cutting savings for our routine and then also having a balance of being ready for a sudden substation failure, which is popular around here when it rains. The firmware settings by themselves seem pretty standard either this or that, but id love some time base controls. I'm pretty experienced in PLC and industrial programming, so the essentials of getting a script built should not be that hard. I read you can load a cronjob into the Venus, but not really been able to find any real guides on it. Even python scripts. And then also you can talk to the Venus via Modbus, which should be quite fun to play with. My question is to gather some info from others, has anyone done this? What are you experiences and which methods did you find to be easiest? 

Also in your opinions regarding the VRM portal when does the installer/retailer supposed to release control to the user? At this point he's left me with monitoring only access, so i have to walk down to the Venux each time if i want to change the Grid limit or SoC while im optimizing it. I've phoned them a few times but they seem to have stopped really bothering phoning me back after the installation was done, apparently too busy. 

Appreciate your time in reading this. 




MultiPlus-II 48/5000/70-50


BlueSolar 250/70 MPPT

Pylontech 3000 x 2



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