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  1. Solved. Installer came out again and replaced the UTP between the batteries and the Inverter, which at first did nothing. Then they played with removing the ESS assistant, combined with a Venux firmware update. The system kicked into action. Re-added the ESS assistant and it was fine again. Seemed somewhat pure luck really.
  2. Hi there everyone. So finally got around to getting our ESS system in. Pretty new to the whole thing. Running it currently in Optimized with Batterylife. While i'm quite stoked with the operation it has currently, i'd like to take a bit more hands on control of when the battery stops discharging, PVs prioritize the charging, etc. Maybe i'm being picky, but myself and the mrs have some ideas on how we would best want the thing to operate to work best for us in terms of cutting savings for our routine and then also having a balance of being ready for a sudden substation failure, which is popular around here when it rains. The firmware settings by themselves seem pretty standard either this or that, but id love some time base controls. I'm pretty experienced in PLC and industrial programming, so the essentials of getting a script built should not be that hard. I read you can load a cronjob into the Venus, but not really been able to find any real guides on it. Even python scripts. And then also you can talk to the Venus via Modbus, which should be quite fun to play with. My question is to gather some info from others, has anyone done this? What are you experiences and which methods did you find to be easiest? Also in your opinions regarding the VRM portal when does the installer/retailer supposed to release control to the user? At this point he's left me with monitoring only access, so i have to walk down to the Venux each time if i want to change the Grid limit or SoC while im optimizing it. I've phoned them a few times but they seem to have stopped really bothering phoning me back after the installation was done, apparently too busy. Appreciate your time in reading this. Regards ----- MultiPlus-II 48/5000/70-50 VenusGX BlueSolar 250/70 MPPT Pylontech 3000 x 2 -----
  3. Hi there all, So i recently got to the point where we were able to get a full on solar installed after some much needed advice from here, thanks so much. As my curse would allow me tho i seem to be one of the few that is experiencing a funky situation where the inverter is pretty much stuck in absorption mode all the time, topping up the batteries from the grid mainly whenever it drains below 100% and because of this the PV is just chilling as well as the entire system seems to be frozen in this kind of bypass mode. The retailer has been an absolute star in trying to help me get it all sorted out, but i thought perhaps i might just put some feelers out there if anyone else has experienced this as well? We even had Victron themselves log in and do a firmware update remotely and they are also somewhat stumped. The retailer has a suspicion it might be the CANbus cable we used that was sommer a UTP i had lying around (we actually tested 2), so i'm thinking of making up a new one from scratch to try and test if that helps. Anyone perhaps have the pinouts for that? I'm a rookie to this so maybe its not even called the CANbus cable, its the one between the Color Control GX and the Multiplus II. I also find that my VRM portal values are heavy delayed from that of the actual GX, which i wonder if its related. Attached a pic of what i see pretty much all the time for the past 48h - SOMETIMES the PV kicks in with 40W or so and then fades away again Additional info : Inverter switch is in position (1) Thanks in advance!
  4. Wow.. Just when I thought I had my mind set on the correct inverter of choice I happen upon this thread.. Haha.. Yet again I'm torn between V and G. I'm a big fan of the ESS solution and wanted to go V initially , but the external mppt made my look elsewhere, since it doesn't fall in my budget of 30kish. The G seemed like the way to go but now I'm concerned about battery performance health and performance in the long term.
  5. Thanks so much! That already clears up alot of questions that actually came up while I was watching that vid! Cudnt figure out if what i have in mind is an ESS or not
  6. Hi there forumites. Ive been gathering info left and right for a system I want to put together, but have installed, DIY is NOT my forte. The basics are as follows.. 15kW/day load. Lookin for a hybrid inverter with built in charger that can keep the house alive during an outage (looking at pylontech batteries) and share the load between PV and the grid under normal circumstances (after the battery bank is charged). The idea is to eventually go off grid at a later stage in the future, but not in the next year or three, so over speccing the inverter a bit. I'm currently very fond of the victron multiplus 48/5000, but I lack the big picture knowledge to make an informed decision. Hoping some of you might shine some light please. I keep reading it has a built in charger for the batteries but then on other sites they want you to link it to a PV inverter, and on others they suggest linking it to a MPPT (which I've only recently realized is the charger portion... I think) yet I thought this was the inverter itself.. Freakin confusing. Any pros / cons for this one? Will it do the job as mentioned above? 48V batteries and all that. Max amount of panel watts it can handle? And lately I've been reading there is some magic voltage rules that ur array has to be in to match your inverter plus something about strings...Feels like the closer I get the further things seem. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Taking it one item at a time. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. Not a problem. I, myself grew up with ICQ and Groupwise. What an interesting time indeed. Dial-up... what a nightmare living on a farm in the Free State. 2Mb worth of spam downloading on Outlook then made you feel like a hacker. Im sorry to hear that the live chat did not deliver to expectation. That being said (just speaking from experience) ive found that if a discord is set up with proper channels to topics of discussion it can become very handy. Not to mention the search function that spans across all of the mentioned. Regardless, albeit new, i see myself being quite active here, and (as with many other forums i inhabit) i cant help to try and contribute in any way i can. Only a fair trade for all the knowledge shared here. If the above mentioned is not an avenue of interest for most i can understand that
  8. Cant really speak for Slack myself, ive heard alot about it, and used it about once or twice but that was it. It sucks paying for something. Let it grow by its worth and keep it free. Look where whatsapp is today
  9. Heh, no reason, like you said, its just another one on top of the many. I guess its just popular in the circles that i move in than the rest (technical / IT), so perhaps that's part of the motivation behind the question
  10. Not at all, thank you for your reply. If i may ill quote from some online resources, and supplement after : "Discord is a chat app, similar to programs such as Skype or TeamSpeak, or professional communications platforms like Slack. It supports video calls, voice chat, and text, allowing users to get in touch however they please." "Thanks to this breadth of functionality, users have also embraced Discord as a semipublic, forum-style community platform: Groups of players with common interests, such as fans of a particular game or studio, can create or join “servers,” both public and private, where lots of people can meet and hang out, chatting via text, video, or voice." For the good part of the last two years this has been growing exponentially in usage for interactive discussion of any context. I have seen many forums open up a server (which is free) providing their users with the ability to connect to each other in real time if needed, supplementing the original forum technology we all know and love. The typical layout looks something like this : Your userbase to the right. Administrators controlling the types of channels within the server (to the left) and all kinds of powers and more that a usual forum can offer. To be used as a supplement of course, not a replacement. Think of it as the 'chat online' option when looking for support somewhere, but more community orientated.
  11. @admins Has anyone perhaps concidered setting up a discord server for Powerforum? I think it would be an enormous leap forward in terms of getting in touch with all the members in real time for support and general day to day talks. I'll help out if needed. Regards
  12. Hi there everyone. Being a total novice in the field but a quick study, countless hours of reading up and RFQs to the several first places that came up when searching has left me with quite alot of feedback from mainstream retailers. Sadly none of the quotes I've gotten live up to what I'm looking for in terms of pricing, especially after compiling countless lists of pricing I can buy all the main components seperate for at different places. This has left me with the option of sourcing all the main parts myself, and just getting someone to fill on the blanks like brackets, wires, DB and the actual installation. I'm convinced this will work out cheaper than some of the numbers I've seen and ill be a happy camper in terms of what I'm looking at getting. So the question beckons.. Do any of you know of a place that can handle the nitty gritty extras and install if provided inverter batteries and panels? And would it be possible for the communitys opinion on what I have in mind for the main elements? Thank you
  13. Anyone aware of something like this? Just talking in terms of perhaps choosing the main components and it would output the results in terms of uptime under certain load, etc. Perhaps even a bill of materials of common parts that need to be installed along with the main ones. Thank you
  14. Hey everyone. Pleasure to be here, have to say the site is loaded with info and knowledgeable people. Been a joy reading through all the things and realizing how absolute lost one can be. Finally taking the plunge to put a mostly all around solar backup / supplement solution in and doing all the research I can. Would love to pick some of your brains when there is time for it. Regards
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