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    Thanks for the advice turns out Kodak inverter was faulty, I've changed the system now to a 7.1 kW super cap battery with a deye inverter 5 kW and it works well and takes generator charge, I've just added a AVR to the generator.
  2. Thanks that makes sense, they are all 18 volts through a 30 amp 12/24 volt control unit charging a 350 amp hour 12volt battery.
  3. What would happen if say for instance you using 3 x 12 v panels that are 120 w and you add 2 x 180 w. How would this affect the charging. Would all panels operate at 120 w or would they operate at their own wattages. Many thanks Dean
  4. Dean K


    Thank you, the generator is a 2.2 KW and I've set the frequency to 50.2 Hz as this is as close to 50 as I could get. Load at night especially is never more than 1 KW, daytime varies between 1.5 and 1.8 KW. The generator is mostly used to charge battery at night or cloudy days and that is when I have to switch the system off in order for battery to charge, also the PV's and generator will not charge at the same time unless system is off so I sit in the stone age for an hour while it charges. Charge is set at 10A. If i were to install a bypass how would i do this. Many many Thanks
  5. Dean K


    My Kodak inverter WMIII 5Kw 48v will not charge my battery from generator unless the inverter is switched off, while suppling power Via battery or PV's it shows generator is running but does not supply power to AC or charge battery. Basically I'm running the generator for nothing, tried all different settings given by tech but no change. Any ideas appreciated.
  6. Dean K


    Comms Cable: I have a Kodak VMIII 5kw 48v Inverter with a Sirus capacitor module 3.55kwh 48v battery. My Question is the comms cable supplied does not fit the inverter, does anyone know who or how one can obtain a custom cable. battery has usb fitting and not the ethernet type that inverter has. Many Thanks in advance Dean
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