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    Wind power

    i feel uneasy too. I will assemble the system this weekend and give it a run. I will update this forum. The manufacturing and assembly from Tesup is questionable but I have started fixing their wrongs like loose bolts and misaligned parts. The alternator itself seems quite robust but the charge controller seems more toyish in construction. I will reinforce the tower as much as possible and use the proper guy wires to stabilize the platform. Lets see what happens...fingers crossed.
  2. 500 MW!!! like as in 500 million watts!! Thats a mega build. Unless you planning to power up a few towns, that sounds like an industrial plant(s)
  3. Ikster

    Wind power

    What is your view of the Zeus 3.0 turbine? I have the complete package except the inverter. Iv heard many bad reviews about this turbine but it seems to built pretty robust and the output goes to about 32Vdc when i spin it by hand.
  4. Hi guys. If I may add to this topic. I have a Kwikot geyser and I installed a 1.5kW twin PTC element as a replacement for the old resistive type element and the results is great. Less power consumed and the water still gets to temperature at about the same time a conventional element takes to heat up the water. The other part of the PTC element is a DC element rated at 950watts so it can run off a 48V battery. Its a good way to save on energy. Geyserwise is the place I got mine from.
  5. Ikster

    Wind power

    Hi folks. Im kinda new to solar power. I self-installed a solar system at my home in the southern suburbs. The heart of the system is a Deye 5kW hybrid inverter supported by a Pylontech US3000 @3.6kW with 74Ah capacity and 5xJinko 405W mono panels. Summertime I had good clean free energy but winter is less friendly and with the current loadshedding, its taking its toll on my limited storage capacity. I have a 3kW wind turbine complete with charge controller and mounting hardware which I wanted to integrate into my system but I just realised that the output of the charge controller is 48 to 58Vdc which is far below the starting voltage (125Vdc) of the 2nd MPPT on my Deye. Im toying with idea to add a 3kW inverter to the charge controller and using its output to feed into the "GEN" input of my Deye inverter. Any thoughts amongst the boffins in the group? Im also worried about a runaway turbine when load drops. How will i control the braking in that event. Can I add a triple contact relay to energise and short all the phases of the alternator and effectively braking the rotation. Any ideas will be much appreciated.
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