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  1. Hi Guys. Just an update and some questions. My electrician splitted my DB to essential and non essential loads. Installer still need to wire them accordingly. Im still running my inverter watercooler cause when we have load shedding in the summer that bad boy needs to run and moved my swimming pool db to essential as well. My pool is closed in the winter and come summertime, it will run off PV during the day hence im not worried. Quick question, if there is no PV, will the non-essential side run from the grid? And when there is excess pv during the day, will the PV supply the non-essential side as well? System is running extemely smooth and i cannot complain. Would still like to use a gas geyser during winter time for the mornings to save some more. Atm, its running from the grid in the mornings and then again when max pv is available but its eating units and as things stand from 1st of June we are paying R2.90 per kwh!!! I'm using about 7kwh a day and 5kwh comes from the 2hours the geyser runs off the grid in the mornings. I've attached a pic of the DB after work was done. Thanks
  2. Does it look right? Unticked the box.
  3. Ok. Production a lot better. Load were low today as my wife's creche is closed atm. CT coil seems to be installed incorrectly. Not showing on flow chart and from what i can remember it shows once connected. My electrician will be changing my DB to split it between essential and non-essential loads and will then wire them to the inverter like that. Will revisit the ct coil and add the changeover switch as well.
  4. Ok, setup changes done as follows: Leshen did firmware upgrade PV changed to 2x string of 8x365w each Protection added for battery and PV. CT Coil installed. A/C change over still to be installed and will split some breakers to non-essential load. Will monitor tomorrow when it nice and hot and provide feedback. Im not at home atm. Installer sent me the pictures. Pic attached of Inverter setup. Thanks
  5. Not yet. Did pm leshen with the details he requested.
  6. Hi Nexuss. See screenshot. Looks like its sitting at 10amp peak. My additional 4x panels will arrive later this week then we will change the strings. Will keep the thread updated on the results.
  7. Thanks all. Will attend to thread on Sunday. Going on a hunt tommorrow early. Much appreciated. Cheers
  8. Hi Nexuss. Went through a few days. Hitting max 10a as per graph below. My additional 4x panels will be here next week. We will then string them 8x and 8x on their own mppt. We avg temp of around 24-26 the past 2x weeks.
  9. Is this what im should be looking at?
  10. All is def on one MPPT atm. Cables as fas as im aware runs all in the same trunking but when they install the additional 4x panels they can amend it. They are def on one mppt atm but will change to 8x on one and and the other 8x on the 2nd next week. Plan is to add another hubble later this year. Is the am2 and am3 compatible to be paralelled? As the additional 2.75kwh should be sufficient for my needs. The CT coil also needs to be installed as its not on atm. Ive also attached a screenshot of yesterday's consumption.
  11. Good day everyone. Ive installed my system a couple of weeks ago and would like to know if its running as best it could. Installed: 5kw Sunsynk Inverter 12x 365w Canadian Solar Hubble AM2 5.5kwh As per my understanding, my panels are 6x in series and then paralelled. 6x facing west and 6x east. Ive changed my geyser element to a 2kw element to run of the pv during peak time. SOC are set to 30% all the time except from 13-17h its at 80% so that its can be charged again for the evenings. Im not pushing back in the grid and also not charging from the grid. Have a prepaid meter. Everything is connected on the essential side. Im producing around 2.4kw of power during peak. My CT coil is not installed. We will be adding a combiner box soon and move the DC fuse to the battery side. There is also a AC disconnect. We are also planning on adding an additional 4x panels to string the PV 8x in series on 1x mppt and the other string on the 2nd. Will this increase my production? My geyser runs on a timer from 11:30am to 14:30pm and during the summer my swimming pool will also run off a timer. We are not heavy on consumption but our cost per 1kwh is almost R3 atm. We are already seeing a significant saving to the investment. I stay in Upington and we have very hot summers and effeciancy should be a lot better then. See pics attach and advise what you guys would add and change. We are using around 3-5kwh from the grid still daily. Battery last to around 11am in the evenings and then revert to grid. Once enough PV is generated is charges the battery and use the excess PV for load. Im no guru in this. What ive learned is from what i could get on the internet, this forum and my installer the last couple of month. Thanks in advance Jacques
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