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  1. @ascheff Hi my brother, i need your recommendation, i have noted you have been using the Pylon UP2500 together with Axpert 3Kva. I want to go the same route but as an off grid system for a remote rural home with very minimum power requirements. I would like to add 2 batteries (UP2500) to the Axpert 24V, my max PV array is 1500w if not mistaken, i actually put 4 by 330W panels on the roof for the inverter. Is it practical & logical to add 2 batteries Pylontech for a 24V Axpert inverter enterely charging with 4 solar panels as i indicated, there is completely no grid connection. If it doesnt make sense, i will have to upgrade to a bigger inverter 5kw since the batteries prices for UP2500 & US3000C are almost the same, i have extra 4 panels which i wasnt using on the 24V inverter since it has a max PV array of 1500w so was limited.
  2. Hi Good people. I am not technical but i need help in the simplest form. I am running a small offgrid solar system - Axpert 3kva VP - 3000w 24V inverter & 2 by 200ah agm batteries with 4 by 330w panels on the roof. It has been doing good and serving it purpose since 2019 but the batteries needs replacement now. Can i replace the aging batteries with 24V Pylontech US2500 by 2. How practical is that? Are there any other suggestions on battery since i have 24V inverter. As i stated above, the 2 by 200ah batteries were working well for my requirement so i am not going into detail how i use the system
  3. I would like a Lithium Battery for better lifespan though. Can i do Axpert 5kw coupled with UP5000 Pylontech? Or there are better options
  4. I think i left out some facts, cooking is completely Gas Stove and Water Heating we have a solar geyser. Essentially i will be running A+ Energy rate fridge from 9am to 4pm per day, 32 inch TV will run for 6 hours a day & 2 by 10W LED lights for outside from 7pm to 6am & 4 by 5W lights for 3 hours during the evening. I would like a Lithium Battery for better lifespan though. Can i do Axpert 5kw coupled with UP5000 Pylontech? Or there are better options
  5. Hi Team, i am looking to go for a 5KW OFF GRID option for a rural home to power basic appliances like energy efficient fridge, lighting & entertainment. What could the best budget options on offer, i was thinking of a Voltronic 5KW VP inverter coupled with PylonTech UP5000, i already have 8 by 330W canadian panels. Could this the best inverter/battery option? I am new to solar. Kindly assist
  6. I have checked it, it is more expensive than UP2500 PlyonTech though.
  7. I am basically using the small system as an offgrid system powering a fridge from 9am to 3 afternoon, 10 5W led lights for 4 hours & 55" TV for 4 hours at most. I have 4 panels to charge the batteries. What is the options Pylontech or Hubble
  8. I am faced with a dilemma, i would like to replace Gel batteries on my 3kw solar systems. I come across 2 options which suits my 24v Voltronic Inverter. First options being Hubble 12v 1.2kw Lithium battery by 4 which transale to R19000 where i found them OR i buy 2 by Plyontech US2500 12v batteries by 2 at a cost of R31000. Will i get better value by purchasing PylonTech Or i would rather save money and buy the Hubble and save. Advise please, i have 4 by 330W solar panels running the system and its purely offgrid system
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