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  1. What is the physical size of the 455 W Panel?
  2. Can one couple a Victron multiplus 5k/48 and a phoenix5k/48 to work together ?
  3. When connecting the BMV to the Multiplus The BMV has place for 2 wires (+-?) The Multiplus has many input connections - V sense I sense Aux1 Aux2 Ground relay trickle ch K1 nc no com K2 nc no com which one do I use? (+-?)
  4. Thank You Plonkster! your info/input is mind-blowingly helpful I now have something to work with Seriously wonder why I could not have had this info/education from the guy's who sold me the system 18 months ago
  5. When I go to 'Assistants in my software it say's "the firmware in the device does not support assistants" My software version is 90.04.189 VE Configure3
  6. My logic say's that if the Multiplus has two great big cables (25mm) coming in to it from the battery bank it should be able to sense the state of the batteries!
  7. I really don't want to purchase a color controller at R 8000.00 odd - a new Axpert 5 kVA is only R 9000.00!
  8. Thank you Plonkster! How do I get "assistant" on/in to my Victron software? Although whenever I go in to the software it checks for an update and has updated on a few occasions I don't have "assistant" I have a Victron Battery monitor (BMV) is there any way I can couple this in to the Multiplus directly? and hopefully without buying the cable from a Victron agent at an enormous price! Where would I find my firmware version? I Once tried to update the unit software on line and it asked me for a code from Victron When I asked Viictron for the code they referred me b
  9. If I switch off the charger on my 5 Kva Victron Multiplus it is unable to asses the battery state therefore I don't seem able to get my setup to operate solar/battery first before mains It seems to want to operate in a UPS manner instead of giving me max solar/battery
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