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  1. Hi Jannie Total production is a matter of a lot of factors to give kWh per day/month/year. The question is not about total production. The point was to remove the variable factors and determine real world results for the maximum spot power output expected vs the PV panel rated value - the PV panel rating value is not kWh. Graph below is for an installed system with 21 X 330W panels on a very sunny day. Max power was just over 4kW.
  2. Thanks Fazil / Riaan Looks like we have both higher and lower than rating value real world results. Being conservative it appears that i should not expect the peak "spot" output to be less than 90% of the PV panel rating. Anything higher is bonus. 6930 X * 90% = ~ 6200W
  3. Not specifically referring to any make or the total kwh per day or any other setup losses. Just want to know what would the expected maximum Wattage output be if nothing is limiting solar. Is the 330W rating given as the expected maximum output? 21 panels = 330 X 21 = 6930W Only cabling / inverter / setup would actually be responsible for further loss? ps: Re: "On a 20 panels setup I am avg around 44kw/day" I didn't want to complicate the calculation further with a kwh value.... # hours sun per day is variable If you have 5 hours per day of maximum solar eficiciency: W = 44/5 = 8800W max output -> which is obviously far higher than 330 X 20 = 6600 ... so obviously you get more than 5 hours sun per day (44/8 = 5500W) and output is lower before and after peak. ... whatever the hours of sun it looks like your maximum Wattage output is very similar to the calculated max of 330 X 20 = 6600 ?
  4. What would the expected actual real world PV output be for 21 330W panels. According to the given rating the maximum theoretical output is 6930W. What should we though expect the real output to be In Pretoria at peak with no clouds?
  5. Does no replies since May 7 imply Nobody is using Growatt in SA? Got a quote for a 10 KW system using two 5 KVA Growatt hybrid inverter -5KW . Comments?
  6. Quote received for a grid tied solar setup with a single Mecer 4Kw Infini Hybrid inverter.
  7. Anyone using a Mecer 4Kw Infini Hybrid inverter. Experience ? Concerns?


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