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  1. Hello everyone I am currently on day 3 of very cloudy conditions and it is not forecast to change. I am fully offgrid with no utility power. I would like to charge my batteries with my generator (5kva), but I am unsure if I can just wire a lead from the generator into the AC input on the inverter and start up the generator, I have a axpert mecer 5kva inverter and plan to set charging limit to 20A for utility. Can anyone advise if I can just wire it up and go? Thank you, Alessandro
  2. Coulomb, thank you for replying, the inverter is reading 50% (2/4 bars), at the moment there is no clouds and I have not had a rainy day (unfortunately). The voltage drops to 48.5 +/- throughout the night, whereas previously I could wake up with 75% charge and 52v on the batteries. I am not sure on the model number, it was the Mecer axpert 5kva MKS II from www.easypower.co.za. My panels take all of the load during the day whilst charging the batteries, usually pulling around 1.2 -.1.6kw. What I cannot get my head around is the sudden drop in charge when my load in th
  3. Good day to anyone reading. I have had my solar setup since April 2019 and have had no issues untill the 3 days ago where my system would charge up to full during the day and sit spiffy at 56.4v and 100% charge and then suddenly 5pm rolls around, the sun goes down slowly and I am at 50% charge and 50+/-v. I have load tested the batteries and they are still healthy. My setup: 5kva axpert inverter. 4x 200ah 12v gel batteries in series at 48v. 6x275w american solar panels. My max load is around 1.8kw when I sometimes turn my borehole on during the day. Otherwise it is
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