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  1. Please can anybody advice why the axpert inverter 5kw lcd screen does not come on , it a new installed inverter it connected to 4 x 200 ah agm batteries , when it is powered on the lcd screen is blank please advice
  2. Hi can anyone advice me on lithium batteries. I have 2 lithium batteries 12v 7.5 amp hour for my 24 volt garage motor I need to connect in series to get 24 volt , but I have read that it is not advisable to connect lithium batteries in series , I need to use a bms to connect please advice how to connect and where can I find a bms to suit my project
  3. Hi i would like to get some advice on solar panel power , I have two inverters , grid tie inverter and a off grid inverter , i will put 18 panels x 330w to my grid tie inverter , my off grid has no panels at this moment , I have a victron charge control for future panel installation of panels for off grid inverter , what i need to find out is it possible to change over my solar panels from my grid tie inverter to my off grid inverter when there is no city power , If someone can recommend which change over switch or which contactors I can use to change the solar panels from grid tie inverter to off grid inverter when there is load shedding , please advice if possible thanks
  4. hi please can any body advice on a RCT INVERTER 5KVA / 5000W GREEN COLOR , why i can not go into the program mode when hold the enter button for few second . or is there a other way to go into program , please advice
  5. Hi i have a RCT 5kva /5000 w. Inverter green color , I had the batteries connected 8x 100amp h 48 v , but there was no load connect to it , I just connected the power to input to charge the batteries , batteries are charging but the batteries are getting hot , and the power light on the inverter is on plus the green charging light is flashing but my lcd screen switch off please advise what could be problem
  6. This is the inverter I have , I just need to confirm if my mppt charger is 145v , please advice I am not sure
  7. Thanks for the advice , if I put 4 panels parallel will my amps and voltage change compare to putting in series
  8. HiPlease I need advice on solar panels I have a axpert 5kva inverter , 3 pylontech 3.5 kw , and 12 solar panels 330 w mono crystal I need to know how connect the solar panels in series or parallels and how many panel per group please advice Thank you
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