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  1. Yea. I thought of rewiring it to lower the VOC. That is, 2S3P as I wasn't sure. I would give it a try. I also noticed that the max power it was able to pull , the PV was below 90v. Thanks
  2. Dear All, kindly help me. I have the following setup 1. Axpert MKS 3kva 24v plus. Spec: 145Voc, mppt max 1500watts 2. 6 x 320watts Flames Solar panel. Spec: 8.28Imp, 38.86Vmp, 8.86Isc, 45.85Voc. 3 in series and 2 parallel strings. Total power= 1920w 3. Four Tubular 220ah batteries; two in series and parallel My observation is that during midday when the sun is at its peak, and batteries are fully charged,( I.e batt: 0A, batt: 27.7v), the inbuilt charge controller have not taken load beyond 980watts even when it seems it should draw more power from the panels with great reserve. Please any reason for this?
  3. Thanks for your reply. Sad to know that there is no 24v patched firmware. But please any advice to around this parameter deficiency? At least I should know what's going into my battery when inverter is on utility mode
  4. Hello all, Please need help. I just realize that my inverter when charging using utility source, the charging current does not display on the LCD and on WatchPower software. On PV source, it does display charging current. Any reason for this?
  5. Problem solved! After several checks and test, I found out that the DC circuit breaker was the culprit. It is poorly rated! Chinese things!. So whenever I increase setting 02 above 20A, there serious resistance created which causes heating of the cable especially hotter at the point where the DC breaker was installed. Actually, the inverter was sensing overheat and hence shuts down when current to battery increase above 20A. For confirmation, I did a bypass of the breaker and was able to increase 02 up to 60A with no trouble at all. I ve gotten my self a better DC breaker now.
  6. Its the PF0.8 model. The max panel VOC at the time of tripping and registering the code was 125V. The mppt is said to handle up to 145v voc
  7. Please I need help on my Axpert inverter MKS 3KW 24V. I have the following installed with it. 1. 6 X 320W Solar panels 2. 4pcs 220ah luminous tubular batteries 2S2P connection According to the battery capacity, I need about 10% of charge current to charge the batteries which is 40A. Now, the problem is anytime I change setting 02 above 20A, the inverter turns off and registers ID code 2004: LINE_FAIL as can be seen on Watch Power This only happen when charging the batteries using solar panels Pls what could be wrong?


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