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  1. I removed the 2 UPS's protecting my TV and WiFi and I was able to last for 2 hours last night. I have another slightly more technical question. When I had the Axpert type inverter, the neutral of the output was attached to the earth. This is not the case with the Goodwe. Is it safe to do that? It makes more sense to me for that to happen. Also, on the Goodwe installation instructions it ties the Grid Neutral to the Backup Load Neutral. Will this not prevent the Earth Leakage tripping if I am not mistaken? I have the 2 sets of Neutrals kept separately and not tied together. Should I p
  2. There are a 2 fridges and a freezer connected to the Goodwe. I can disconnect them tonight and try it again. I also have a TV which is connected to a UPS and the UPS to the Goodwe. Should I remove the UPS from the system completely as this might draw extra power if trying to change the battery?
  3. I have a Goodwe Inverter GW5048D-ES and 1 x Pylontech US2000. The inverter is in Backup mode as I have not yet added solar to the inverter. I am aware that the battery is only able to deliver 25A to the inverter, and if my calculations are correct, this equates to approximately 1200W. We had the first set of load shedding last night and the batteries supplied the backup load for about 5 minutes before shutting off. The load on the backup was about 600W at the time. I had to log into the inverter and put it in off-grid mode to start up again. It then ran the backup load
  4. Hi Rene, I have a similar issue, but mine relates to the wrong info been shown on the App because I have some micro-inverters on my grid side. When I look at the app on the phone it shows the incorrect load. When I use a previous version on the app (search for StorageMate on the play store), I do see what I need to see, and can still see my house exporting to the grid even while there is a load on the inverter. Admittedly, I cant see this when I am not at home, but I dont need to connect to the inverters wifi when at home, I connect to my home wifi and the router does appear. This i
  5. When i use the GoodWe software, I see the same image as the website. (pic1) I decided to look for other software, and I found an older version of the App, and although slightly less functionality, the view I wanted was there. Is there any way I can get this view on the website? Thanks
  6. Hi, I have recently installed a GoodWe ES inverter with a PylonTech battery. I do not yet have any panels attached to it and is used as a load shedding tool until I have added some panels. With the meter installed on the main grid input, it is able to give me a reading on the total draw from the grid. On the App and Website, I would like to be able to see where the power is going, eg) 1.2kW to the backup load and 2kW to the main load, but it appears to put these 2 together. What I would like to see is the backup load separated from the main load. Is that at all possible, and doe
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