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  1. Hi Jarred. If you still have it, also let me know at 082 376 1615.
  2. I have 6 x Trojan T105 batteries for sale. The time stamp on them is Feb 2018 so they are just more than 2 years old and in perfect condition. Used (and still using) them once a week for a round of golf. New they cost R3000/battery, I would like to sell at R1600/battery. Contact me at 082 376 1615 if interested. Hennie
  3. My Cart solution - I do think they all have to go this way - and then lithium batteries.....
  4. And I mean lots of chargers available on Ali...
  5. I have batteries connected to my inverters but this is for a golfcart application and for somebody that does not have solar at all, thus needed to be charged frequently. Also bought the batteries from Bain but now charging is an issue. Power Supply only option I guess. Lots of them available on Aliexpress.
  6. I have 2 x Pylontech US2000B Plus (4.8kW) batteries for sale. 16 months old and in perfect condition. In use and managed by Infinisolar inverter. Also have a 4.8kh Leoch battery but wants to do the change so that I have the same kind of Lithium batteries and not different makes. R24k for the 2 x Pylontechs. call me, Hennie 082 376 1615
  7. Does anybody perhaps know where in SA one can buy a Lifepo4 charger to charge a 48V 16s 120Ah pack? I am referring to a regular 220V AC charger and not a solar charger. It seems they are only available from China and obviously nothing coming from there now. Or any other ideas will be much appreciated.
  8. Hi @Gerlach, was it not difficult to get the bluetooth working on the BMS? Have read that it can be a struggle without the correct app or apk. Did you use your balancer and which one did you get?
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