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  1. Hi, could you share the syntax you have in the switch node and function node (msg.topic...)?
  2. Are you getting you data to mqtt using node-red? Could share the node-red flow?
  3. I will also appreciate if @Bloubul7 could share the node red flow
  4. Yes its working now, integrating with mqtt is my next challenge, i have mqtt already running could you share syntax of the mqtt import function?
  5. Thanks for the help @Vassenreally appreciate. I was checking the modbus document but could not find the address for total PV, instead it has individual PV do you know?
  6. Yes thats where the rj45 is plugged into
  7. I have set it as serial yet i get same error, how about the serial type and other fields? Edit: Rebooted my pi now i am getting response
  8. Can't find this on the list of nodes, searched for gate, perhaps need to install?
  9. Have a look at my settings on flex getter, is that not correct?
  10. Thanks a lot for helping out, now i have response(attached), but the next time i issued the query i started getting modus failure error again. So what could be the reason for this?
  11. okay now i am getting a different error message(see attached), looks like the connection to the inverter is not established afterall. Guess i need to look at the cable again. I am clear on the converter side of the cabling, can you confirm if the inverter side of the cable in the normal rj45 cate5e T-568B cable arrangement? similar to the pics attached?
  12. pardon my questions, how do i go about that? I was able to connect via node-red but its throwing up the error message below: "TypeError: Cannot create property 'fc' on number '1612780922024'" I have attached screenshot of a single input that i wanted to read from the inverter which is PV1 input for instance, i saw the address in the modbus register is 186 but not receiving any info when i used that
  13. I am trying to get the functions working on my node-red, can i see a sample of what you added to solar_pv_day function node for instance?
  14. I just get connected status even after modifying the cable arrangement, still not data, is there a way i should know if this is working? cat /dev/ttyUSB1 did you reveal any result
  15. Yes I see the port on the pi just not getting data, let me now connect the cables as you have indicated. Thanks
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