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  1. Knew my gut was right but thanks so much for clarifying for my pea brain!
  2. Great Monitor with Bluetooth feature. Can I run my Optimate 6 smart charger's negative/ground through the negative of the Victron Shunt.. or.. Should I rather keep it connected to the Battery Negative Terminal directly? Have a 100ah 12V Lead Crystal + Victron SmartSolar Charge Controller MPPT 75/15 hooked up. still got my training wheels on! LOL. Simple little "portable" battery bank setup so nothing complicated really. Thanks!
  3. Thanks for accepting me in this invaluable forum! Came accross these :ARTsolar – 305 Watt Solar Panel – Mono Anyone out there had dealings with them and feedback on this panel? I like the fact that its a locally made product and their pricing seems good too!
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