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  1. I am not finished with the lid yet as you can see. My drill is not strong enough. I will do the rest tomorow at work. I tried 8 first, but that was not enough get rid of all the torqe 16 will be enough. It also depends on how strong the magnets are.
  2. Hi guys. I am working on a new type generator with anti cogging. Here are the details. Rotor inside with 16 10mm x 30mm Neodyme Magnets. Stator outside with 8 15 x 30mm plates and 12mm bolts. Copper wire 0.5mm x4 with 400 winds = 1600 wind per pole. Result is extreme cogging. But with this config it produces lots of energy, but needs lots of energy to turn. So I came up with the idea of a briliant anti cogging system. So here we go. The lid of the gen is made from Bras and on the lid I have put 16 neodyme Nagnets all poled in one direction south. The transmission wheel on the shaft is as wide as the lid and has 16 neodyme Magnets also in one diriction south. The Magnet must be placed, so that when magnets of the rotor are sticking that they are rejecting. This neutralizes the tork on the rotor. The closer you go down with the transmission wheel the more the efect is until you do not feel the cogging. Of course there are other ways of building a generator but becouse the magnets and rotor are sychronus the more energy it produces. I tried puting the wires singley but there was to much Volts e.g 685 volt with 3000 revs. This is ok if you want a low speed gen but i dont. So I connected all 4 wires paralel with 4005 revs Result 230 volts. Just right for me using 775 12 volt motor. If anyone is interested in doing this you will definatley have a gen wich is easy to turn but produces lots of energy.
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