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  1. Hi Can you show a complete setup without it being connected to a Victron. I want to measure energy before I decide on inverter size.
  2. HI Can you post a pic of the complete setup? Where does the pieces get fitted to, how is it connected to a Rassberry and with what, what software is used. More specific information.
  3. Does anyone have information about this product? How does it work, what software it uses. I cant find anything on google. TWSTM Datasheet.pdf
  4. Hi I want to measure household energy consumption to determine energy consumption min and maximums. I want a meter that can provide a minimum of the following on an easy to read graphic: 1. Day consumption 2. Night consumption 3. Weekdays vs weekends It would be ideal if it has built in wifi so that I can view the information on my laptop or phone via an app. I found a few Chinese meters that does the trick, but would be better to have an SABS approved one that is reasonably priced. It must also fit into the DB din rail. https://a.aliexpress.com/_B156Fp then there is this but not sure if it will give me the information I want: https://www.voltex.co.za/product/hellermanntyton-twstm-wifi-smart-timer-electricity-meter/ Any recommendations would be appreciated.
  5. What is the purpose of the various AC input current limits? 32A vs 50A I am in the ‘make decision’ phase of inverter choice, the multi II 48/3000 models are my current choice but there are differences in them that I do not understand. I don’t mean things like exclude Venus or MPPT, I mean in other specs ....
  6. @plonkster ok, I forgot that there are two GX models, I was referring to the non MPPT model, not the easy solar model. what is the maximum PV PER multi II 48/3000, is it only limited to the MPPT model added?
  7. Hi Can the multi II GX 3000 & multi II 3000 be paralleled? Will the multi II be controlled by the GX? What is maximum PV the GX can handle? If I want to add more PV to the paralleled multi II will I require an additional MPPT for the multi II? Thank you.
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