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  1. Thanks introverter, the 240w is all my networking and security camera stuff, and two little servers. I dont like this stuff going up and down, cause i am worried it might get damaged. Also not sure how i would automate powering down, so thought it is just easier keeping it up. But maybe i should rethink that. Will look into the DIY side of things.
  2. If i was going that range of bucks, i would look at this, anyone have any comments on this? https://solaradvice.co.za/product/axpert-4kw-pylon-2-4kwh-lithium-ion-load-shedding-kit/
  3. Thanks Plonkster, dammit that wont work, will need to add more batteries.
  4. So just so i understand, that bat will (depending of DoD) give you about 2000+ cycles. And at 240Wh that is about 1amp so this setup at at 50% DoD will last 33 hours? and at 2amph or 480wh it will last 17.5 hours?
  5. Yeah I have looked at that Lit444, but as you state wont work for my load. Just as a matter of interest, I came across this, probably cost an arm and a leg though. https://ecoflow.com/ Looks super cool though.
  6. Something like this? http://smartpowersystems.co.za/ Or like this https://www.futurama.co.za/powermate-1000?gclid=CjwKCAiAy9jyBRA6EiwAeclQhJImn7jZ6ptPxmDeFUSiG1cqScsQj8lwTHJ2TzzVn8gVlpVM70R8UBoCXDkQAvD_BwE anyone have any experience with this.
  7. Looking for something simple, all in one, type of solution that will run about 250watts worth of equipment for loading shedding. And be ready for the next two hours 6 hours later or so. You know your standard load shedding schedule. Most of the stuff I have found has 300 cycles or so. Looking for something that would last longer than that. Was thinking of just buying something and changing the batteries to gel or something, but it seems that most of the all in one solutions don't have a good enough charger in. I hope my inexperience is shining though, and I hope you can school me.
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