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  1. Battery was bought legit , battery is wired to a Mercer 5kva discharge is 6pm to 6am 12% idle state
  2. Good day all I have a mecer sol-i-ax 5kva with a leoch 48v lithium battery what's happening is when it reaches 100%soc on the battery the inverter is kicking in and out pv charge and the inverter is making a clicking sound when doing so , and on some days (sunny) total disconnect from Pv charge and supply utilities from battery power only , my previous inverter (no name Brand) displayed 08 code bus voltage too high using the same battery could there be something wrong with the battery ?
  3. Good day can anyone advice what the normal standby battery discharge should be ? I have a 48v Leoch lithium and getting 12% discharge over night
  4. Good day can anyone help I have a 5kva hybrid inverter and a single 48v lithium battery my issue is when my battery reaches 100% the charge unit is not reading that and not cutting off pv charge I've tried playing around with voltage settings but nothing works today it gave me a error code bus voltage too high any idea how to solve this thanks in advance


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