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  1. Slovenian energy meter Iskra ME382.
  2. Agree... Main fuse is 40A. I not sure I understand... How do you mean, nobody know what your peak push back current is? An energy meter form my utility company can measure it.
  3. In my country (Croatia) we can now compensate purchased energy with energy pushed back (we buy and sell at the same price), but at two conditions: Have to be net buyer on an annual basis (consume more then produce). Max. push back current limited to 16A per phase (~3600W on 230V grid system)
  4. According to MPP Solar support, it should resolve this issue.
  5. Hi, I intent to install an energy meter onto Infinitysolar E5.5. Over the internet I found only examples with Eastron SDM630. Will my inverter work with SDM 120 or SDM230? I have 1-phase system. Thank you.
  6. Hello, I have PV system with Infinisolar E5.5, 14x365W PV panels (5110W) and 400Ah OPzS battery (48V). I have to limit feed-in to the grid power to 3600W, which I did by setting parameter "Max. feed-in grid power". The problem is, by limiting feed-in power, I also limited PV panel input to value "Max. feed-in grid power" + ~500W, regardles my household load. For example, if I set feed-in power to 3600W, and have load 2000W, PV panel input is limited to 4000-4100W, so I feed to utility grid 2000-2100W max. If I set feed-in power to 4000W, and have load 2000W, PV panel input is limited to 4400-4500W, and feed to utility grid 2400-2500W max. And so on... Sure, I can raise "Max. feed-in grid power", but when my load drop, I can exceed 3600W feed to grid power, which is not acceptable. Is this normal behavior for this inverter?
  7. Hello, I have infinisolar E5.5 too. CPU main version 30, and CPU secondary 33. Can someone send me newest firmware, please?


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