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  1. Hi, The Infinisolar V series is significantly cheaper than the standard Infinisolar models. The Infinisolar V also looks more like an Axpert. I remember the V series didn't have NRS accreditation, but apparently the V II series does offer that? What are the differences between the V-series and standard Infinisolar range? Why would you rather not buy the V-series? What does the lower MPPT voltage range of the V-series really mean? Thanks!
  2. Hi, Still trying to find a solution to the issues with the Conlog meter. Will replacing the Infinisolar inverter with lets say an Axpert inverter solve the problem, as the Axpert does not blend grid and PV to supply the loads, and is either in Inverter mode, or in Bypass (grid) mode? My feeling is that the interference with the Conlog meter is due toe the PV and grid being blended to supply the load...
  3. Thanks for al replies. How will the above option be implemented on an Infinisolar inverter?
  4. Hi, With the new Smart meters rolled out by City of Tshwane, the inverters disconnect from the meter, or trip the meter, even when “feed in to the grid” is disabled. What causes this, and what would the solution be?
  5. Hi, No, there is no visible damage or moisture visible on visual inspection of the panels. Thanks,
  6. We tested with a multimeter. What can cause a leakage to the frame?
  7. Hi, All cabling checked twice, and the panel's frame earthing amended. Also tested all panels and can't pick-up anything abnormal. Still getting the Error 12 every now and then, sometimes it remains in Error 12 state for the rest of the day, sometimes it can be reset? Any ideas would be appreciated? Thanks!
  8. Hi, I see the Axpert Inverter Manual is not clear on the Maximum AC Input current that the Axpert range of inverters can handle, thus I am wondering what the different opinions on this will be. What would you guys say is the ideal DB board AC input Dual Pole Circuit breakers to use on single inverter installations: 1.5kVA Axpert 3kVA Axpert 5kVA Axpert
  9. Hi. I noticed SolarPower does not allow me to change the “Allow AC charger times” from “01:00 - 04:00” (default?) to “00:00 - 00:00” (for always on). When trying to apply the settings, it says “Setting False!” This is on a Super 4k model Infinisolar. I am still using SolarPower 1.09. The battery voltages drops from 54v down to 51.7v as soon as the PV is unavailable. Why does this happen? Sometimes, the inverter also switches off in the early morning hours, while the grid is available. The “AC on/off” timer is set to “00:00 / 00:00” in other words it is disabled. Any ideas? Thanks.
  10. Hi. I noticed SolarPower does not allow me to change the “Allow AC charger times” from “01:00 - 04:00” (default?) to “00:00 - 00:00” (for always on). This is on a Super 4k modelnInfinisolar. I am still using SolarPower 1.09. Any ideas?
  11. Hi. We have an Infinisolqr Super 4k installed with an AGM battery bank. The inverter is set to charge the battery from both grid and PV. Every night, the battery voltage drops to 51.7v from 54v. The display also shows no charge currwnt to the batteries. What can be the issue?
  12. Frodo

    Infinisolar E 5.5

    Nobody with any experience on this model?
  13. Frodo

    Infinisolar E 5.5

    One more question, the standard Infinisolar inverters can also work as a grid-tied / PV inverter without batteries. The Infinisolar 3k Plus also provides back-up directly from the sun (without any batteries connected) in the event of a grid power failure, provided that the PV input exceeds the AC output (load). Will this model (Infnisolar E 5.5) also work without any batteries, or does it require batteries to switch on like the Axpert? Thank you!
  14. Hi, Has anybody installed one of these inverters? I am trying to understand the working of it. The standard Infinisolar inverter has the capability to combine load supply sources, in other words if the load is 2kW and the available PV is at 1kW, the 1kW from the PV will be used to power the load whilst only 1kW is drawn from the grid or from the battery - which makes it quite effective, as one can always use the maximum energy available from the PV and only draw in the shortage/balance from the grid. Setting the grid as second supply source, means the batteries can be used exclusively for back-up whilst obtaining the maximum possible energy savings from the solar PV panels. The Axpert inverter range has the disadvantage of not being able to combine load supply source, meaning that if the setting is at SOL, it will jump back to the grid, bypassing the PV energy completely should the load exceed the available PV input power - making it less efficient, or if it is set to SBU, the batteries will be used to stabilize the system, but then one cycles your batteries much more, reducing their life span (especially with a smaller battery capacity). This either grid, or PV, or PV/Batterye logic is one major disadvantage of the Axpert range. Now, I have downloaded the manual on the Infinisolar E 5.5, which seems like a nice inverter, but the user interface, displays and settings seems to be similar to that of the Axpert, but this inverter features the bidirectional (grid feed-in) capability. It is not clear to me if the logic of this unit is the same as the standard Infinisolar ranges (meaning that it can combine grid and PV inputs simultaneously, providing maximum potential savings) or if it is the same logic as what the Axpert uses (meaning that the loads are either supplied by the PV/batteries or by the grid, but not combined)? If anybody can assist me with this I would greatly appreciate it.


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