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  1. We've tried to deploy three systems consisting of the Kodak (Axpert) 5kW 48V unit with a number of Giter 2500-48 LFP batteries. Each one of these sites we have had issues with and to date have NOT been able to successfully commission.
  2. Hi all, Has anybody had experience with Segen Solar's package consisting of the Axpert King paired with Giter LFP batteries? We've had endless trouble trying to achieve stability - inverter firmware issues, communication cable issues, random battery shut down (Error 10) etc.
  3. You're making the assumption that the Victron ESS or general energy storage hybrid systems seek to achieve a fully charged battery as first priority before satisfying the objective of minimising consumption from Grid. This is incorrect. Victron ESS configuration supplies solar power to AC Load (This consists of essential and non-essential loads) FIRST and then only excess solar power is used to charge the battery. The battery reserve is configured by setting a minimum/reserve state of charge (SOC) on the Victron GX device which storage energy will only be utilised in the event of a grid power failure.
  4. If you store excess solar energy in a battery (Specifically LiFePO4) and intend to discharge that stored energy later through the evening and into the morning - then why does it matter whether your inverter power system supplied it to a geyser heating element (non-essential) as opposed to lights, TV and other essential circuits?
  5. I just saw on the Solar Assistant website that they have a cable that allows for direct communication with the Revov Life and 2nd Life batteries. That's great. @Kawaman is that how your system is setup? With a communication cable connected directly to the Revov B100?
  6. The Axpert Inverter has a very low accuracy with regards to DC voltage measurement and SOC (State-of-charge) calculation/estimation. You will want to integrate the Victron BMV 700/712 with Solar Assistant. You'll need to find out from the software developer whether they support the Victron BMV range of battery monitors. This should then replace the information that the inverter is presenting on behalf of the battery and replace it with the more accurate information calculated by the Victron BMV equipment.
  7. Yes it is right. That is how a Victron ESS configuration operates. This is not an Axpert (Off-Grid) Inverter.
  8. This is then a misunderstanding on the behalf of the supplier. Supplying loads in your home, whether they may be essential or non-essential, is the objective of a renewable power system. As long as your inverter & charge controller do not exceed the specified maximum charge and discharge current on the product datasheet, then it is expected that you may use the full capability of that battery to perform as intended. I would not accept the reconfiguration by the supplier as it is band-aid solution effectively throttling the battery's operating environment and consequently compromising your system's return of investment and monitoring insights.
  9. This may be a result of the battery BMS engaging protection as a result of an out of bounds condition, such as a low or high cell. You will need to read the BMS directly in order to establish the specific nature of the problem.
  10. We've seen this problem in a few instances. It may be resolved with an inverter firmware update. I would try that as a first measure. If an inverter firmware update does not resolve the issue, then you will need to connect a set of DC cables (Not too big, about 1.5mm2 is sufficient) from the Inverters "Voltage Sense" Port/Terminals and connect this to the battery. This will allow the Victron inverter to measure the battery DC voltage.
  11. There are a number of different issues that could cause this, but it depends on the configuration of the inverter (particularly the low voltage disconnect setting) and the condition of the battery. A number of Revov batteries have been found to have significant cell imbalance, which will take the BMS a significant amount of time to correct. When this low battery: Alarm condition occurs, does the Revov BMS produce an Error (Red) or Alarm (Orange) LED?
  12. No, the Revov B100 (100Ah) does not have an external BMS but rather an internal BMS. Nonetheless, adding a 2nd 100Ah battery will most likely improve the system's performance, specifically with regards to storing excess solar energy when the inverter load-output is low and the solar generation is high. I'd recommend using a Victron BMV700 or 712 (Bluetooth) to measure and report Battery State-of-Charge accurately.
  13. This is awesome. Really like the Blynk interface
  14. I don’t think it is possible, with the standard packages available, because of the Raspberry Pi’s ARM architecture (Not x86 or x64).
  15. Has anyone made any progress with regards to Tshwane and the intolerant Conlog meters?
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