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  1. I agree with the OP’s original statement to a certain degree, but not for the purposes of communicating charge and discharge current limits. The biggest issue that I have experienced is the ability to control or manage your systems energy based on accurate battery SOC (%). Now the problem lies in, where do you obtain this information from? 1st prize is of course, the battery BMS. But often times either the battery does not support any form of native communication with the inverter or vice versa, the inverter does not support any type of communication available from the battery. The fall back is to control the system through battery voltage derived SOC. This, unfortunately, is typically quite inaccurate. A work around though is available in the form of Victron’s range of high precision battery monitors, the BMV700/702/712. These devices are battery agnostic because they measure energy throughput. This way you can calculate the true SOC of any battery, provided you setup the BMV correctly. You then simply need to make sure that you can pass the information from the BMV to the inverter or control system so that your system is now managed based on accurate SOC. In an advanced hybrid power system, you need an accurate battery monitor. This either needs to be of the form of communication to the BMS or a 3rd party external device like a Victron BMV700.
  2. Nicholas

    10kv infini 3ph

    I recommend taking a short video of the symptom, specifically of the screen pictogram, so we can evaluate all the conditions present.
  3. Hi All, Just wanted to find out what others experience have been with this battery? We have 2 units that were installed over 2-years ago, paired to a GoodWe GW5048 ES Hybrid Inverter. The inverter was setup with the specific profile for 2 x GCL E-KwBe 5.6kWh lithium batteries. We have had frequent problems with both batteries. The first occasion they were returned to the supplier who supposedly had to do "BMS" repair service on both units. Both of them are now faulty again, and I was just wondering if anyone had experienced something similar?
  4. ICC is compatible with the 10kW InfiniSolar inverter. What mode are you running the inverters in? Is the PV equally distributed across both inverters?
  5. It all depends what mode you're going to be running the Infini 10 in. If you run it in grid tie with backup mode, it'll tolerate the overload (Grid relay closed) but if you run it in off grid mode then it might trip and/or try revert to AC/utility bypass.
  6. The manual describes warnings and errors. The two are different, please ensure you are able to differentiate between the two. You are most likely experiencing warning 11. This is an overload warning. If an overload condition is maintained, specifically in inverter mode (Off-Grid), the inverter will disable the output to protect itself. The output is illustrated by the light-bulb in the bottom right hand corner.
  7. During inverter operation (No Grid input) the machine is limited to 3.3kW per phase (3 Outputs allowing up to 10kW of total output). This would be the case if the inverter is programmed for "Off-Grid" mode. If Grid-Tie with Backup "Mode" is used, then the inverter is able to "blend" power from it's input sources - Grid, PV & Battery and has something called the "Grid Relay" closed and is able to handle quite a lot more throughput/load than the rated 3.3kW per phase. In off-grid mode, if the load exceeds 3.3kW on a phase, the inverter will bypass load delivery to utility supply (if present) in order to avoid an overload condition. This involves relay position change and will have an associated transfer time. The operating mode is very dependent on many of the programmable settings in SolarPower and requires quite a thorough understanding/experience to achieve the desired operating condition.
  8. Here's a basic "mixture" guideline from Pylontech. US2000B US2000 PLUS US3000 Difference and Mixture Installation.pdf
  9. I e-mailed Voltronic about Pylontech BMS communication support on a late 2018 manufactured InfiniSolar 4kW Super. Their response was that the model was currently not supported. I have not inquired about the 3kW, 5kW and 10kW InfiniSolar Inverters.
  10. Please describe your objective of the Hybrid Power System and your equipment and then we can advise re: appropriate settings. I'm not sure what you mean when you say "switch the output from grid to solar"
  11. Grid-Tie with Backup (I), Grid-Tie with Backup (II) etc... ? Screenshots of the settings would allow faster troubleshooting. Has the DB been split into essential and non-essential loads, and the essential loads connected to the output of the inverter? Is the Inverter Output Enabled (Light-bulb bottom right-hand corner)?
  12. There are multiple modes in which the InfiniSolar range of inverters can operate. In Grid-Tie with Backup mode, you can de-select the checkbox that says "Export to Grid".
  13. I've seen spurious Error 12's on the Infini 4K. Try a firmware update (You'll need to ask your original equipment supplier), it's worked for me a couple of times.
  14. Your AC charging windows may not be open (Restricted to a certain window of time). Please take a screenshot of your settings as programmed with Solarpower and post here. We'll need the settings from "My Power Management" as well as "Device Parameters"
  15. Where did you purchase the inverters from, may I ask? It is usually best to request support from your original equipment supplier as they should have direct contact with a Voltronic Power rep.
  16. Check BOOST module 1 and 2 on the inverter (On the back side of the inverter, part of the DC-DC board). These modules are responsible for the 2 MPPT's of the inverter. There is a large heatsink on each module. There are IGBT's on the side of the heatsink. Check these, I am quite confident one or more of these IGBT's will be shorted/faulty/burnt. If you wouldn't mind, please could you send me a private message with all the details of the failure and the details of the installation? The serial number, time till failure, supplier and solar panel string configuration. I'd like to document and evaluate all Infinisolar 10kW failures.
  17. The new development from Voltronic with regards to communication with PylonTech lithium batteries will take two forms; an RS485 Card (to be plugged into the Intelligent slot of the inverter) and an RS485 external box (to be plugged into the inverter RS232 port, I believe). Either of the devices will then be connected to the RJ45 port of the PylonTech battery to complete the connection. The RS485 external box allows the operator to maintain usage of other Voltronic Infinisolar accessories typically plugged into the intelligent slot (e.g. Modbus Card, SNMP Card, GSM/GPRS Card and WiFi Card). This is an important consideration by the manufacturer because many applications will require more than 1 of the Voltronic Infinisolar accessories to be used in order to achieve the desired operating mode (e.g. A Modbus Card and Eastron SDM630M to control export power to the Grid as well as an RS485 box to control charge/discharge between the inverter and PylonTech battery bank). The PylonTech communication accessories should be available in Q1 of 2019.
  18. Apple laptops take an astoundingly long amount of time to recognise and connect to the USB serial port on the Infinisolar inverters. If that's your only option, just sit back and relax, it'll connect eventually.
  19. ICC works perfectly well on the Replus 3kW and as far as I know, it is a simple rebranded Infinisolar 3kW. With regards to the OP's original question, the setup/programming software for Infinisolar inverters is called "Solar Power", the latest version, I think, is 1.14SP2. You can download via this thread: Solar Power 1.14
  20. Update: Busy trying to commission this system but to no avail. The Modbus server appears to have been correctly setup. I have confirmed communication between the smart energy meter, inverter 1, 2 and 3. I have set up the Modbus cards in "Server" mode and assigned appropriate addresses/ID's via the dip switches so that each inverter knows which phase it is on (Red, white, blue). I have programmed the inverters for Grid-Tie with Backup(II) and disabled "Allow feed-in to Grid". Alas, the inverters will not allow solar power to be generated and directed down the bi-directional grid-tie connection onto "standard" circuits (Circuits not wired directly onto the output of one of the inverters, e.g. geysers and stoves). I have done a sanity check to confirm that there is a load on the said standard circuits which should allow the inverters to produce solar power onto the appropriate phases, but all 3 inverters refuse to connect the PV array onto the utility line and supply solar power. The system produces power when I change the programming of each inverter to enable "Allow feed-in to grid". Does anybody have any experience with this type of setup and/or advice?
  21. I tried to email them for elaboration. Unfortunately no response.
  22. This is a very important question. Mustek and Rectron have the capability (In my Opinion), but will not repair inverters not purchased from them originally. Additionally, and from experience, Rectron does not have the largest supply of spare parts which may influence the lead time of your potential repair. I found Caprica Solar online, and while they appeared ever-willing and potentially competent to perform the repairs, they too did not have stock of any spare components/replacement boards.
  23. The last and final inverter (Inverter number 6) has failed at our commercial site. This inverter was left configured in Grid-Tied only mode, as opposed to Grid-Tie with Backup (2) and Battery charging. The inverter could no longer see the PV array/string on MPPT1. MPPT2 was still functional though. We suspect the failure/damage has been restricted to the BOOST module due to the revised configuration which resulted in no battery being connected and no battery charging taking place. We have yet to have the inverter inspected by our supplier and will only be able to confirm the damaged components after evaluation. From the damage seen on the other inverters (BOOST module 1 - MPPT1), we suspect the problem originates in the BOOST module(s) of the inverter, with a tendency to show a failure on MPPT1 and not MPPT2.
  24. We've experienced further failures of the Infinisolar 10kW inverter, at different installation sites. The machines all failed quite catastrophically - usually blowing the DC-DC board. We have deduced that the failures seem to be attributed to a specific batch of inverters. The effected serial numbers translate into a manufacturer date of between February and April of 2017. e.g. 96161702.... Up to 96161704 The machines we purchased were of the model description: "InfiniSolar 10k-PAR-B" We strongly believe that the failures are a result of a manufacturing or design defect present in the machines produced between the aforementioned date range. We have raised the problem with our supplier and are hoping that they will invoke action from Voltronic Power.
  25. "SP2" has been released, I'm assuming Service Pack 2? Link here: SolarPower 1.14 SP2 Will try to identify changes in these upcoming weeks.


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