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  1. @Cassie Nice idea using a Thermostat, I'll take a look at ACDC on Friday. Nice tip
  2. Thank you @Calvin There is a definite drop in temperature, when placing my hands in front of the new fans I can feel the warm air being extracted quite well. Due to the very fact that there is a heat-sink on top of the unit means it is there to capture the heat rising. I'm not sure if I should go through the trouble of reversing the bottom fans, just leave it as it is for now perhaps. I will only use the fans when the ambient temperature is 27 degrees and higher. This week in Cape Town there is no need for the fans however I did notice the Inverter temp was sitting at 55 degrees early this mo
  3. Hi Guys, Thank you for your responses. @Speedster The fans are extracting on either side of the Inverter, my assumption was due to the large Heat-Sink at the top of the Inverter, it would make sense to assist it by pulling out the hot air at both sides. It would be great if someone on the forum could actually pin point where the thermal couple(heat sensor) is placed inside the Inverter, should it be near the fans at the bottom then it does make sense to reverse the fans. @YellowTapemeasure I only have the one LiFePo4 battery resting on top of my old metal Lead acid battery stand, the
  4. Hi, I forgot to add Pic of the added fans and the temperature pic of the inverter now.
  5. Hi Everyone, The past few weeks have been extremely hot and I had concerns of how hot the Inverter was getting, reaching temperature of 60c plus. Decided to connect two industrial extraction fans on either of the upper vents, this has brought the temp down to just below 40c. My other concern is the Lithium battery in these hot conditions, perhaps rest the battery on Aluminum heatsink, there are no ventilation holes at all on the battery and for good reason too. Thought I would share this with the forum who may have the same worry as I. The fans will be connect
  6. Hi There, You can try Mustek, they are Mecer agents, very professional. I have taken my Mecer 4Kw for inspection, nice people https://mustek.co.za/mecer-axpert-family/ Based in Richmond. Regards
  7. HI Coulomb, Yes I did, all to Utility. Funny enough, when I replaced the old batteries with the ones I have now, I did the same setup on the Inverter so the wife could carry on with her house work, only then no accidental trip of the Main switch or load shedding.
  8. Hi @GVC @Coulomb, Just received my Inverter and they found nothing wrong with it at all. They did however explain to me that, with me changing the Power sources all to Utility prior me disconnecting the batteries, the Inverter will stay on, PROVIDED I do not LOSE Utility power eg: Load Shedding or in my case, accidental utility power off, the Inverter had no alternative power to draw from and politely switched itself off. Only to return power when I re-connect the Battery bank.. Makes sense...Right?
  9. Hi GVC, No I don't, but I am having a change over switch box made to use a generator at night should load shedding exceed my battery life. (using 8 Deltec lead acid batteries) You maybe correct in what you are saying, all it needed was the Secondary power source. I will still take the Inverter to Mecer for a check over (piece of mind) My thought is, the Inverter probably thought it was load shedding and no back up power to continue and powered off. Although Utility was restored, the Inverter remained off due to no secondary power source. Just hope that is the case.
  10. Hi Coulomb and GVC, Before I disconnected the battery bank I went into WatchPower and set "Charger Source priority" to Utility. "Output Source priority" Utility. Then Switched off the Battery Bank at the Fuse Box then the Solar Panels Circuit Breaker off. The Inverter stayed on removed the batteries and dropped them off at the Agents,, this was last week Tuesday, the accidental trip happened yesterday afternoon. Your thoughts? Possibly lost it's settings?
  11. Hi There, Yesterday I arrived home from work and my wife told me she accidentally bumped the two circuit breakers Main and Supply to the Mecer Inverter removing some plastic containers out of the cupboard where the DB is situated. She immediatley switched them back on, but the Inverter remained non functional and no power to the house. My batteries have been removed and sent back to the Agents Deltec for examination and desulphation checks as the batteries are still under warranty. So the inverter was set to "Utility source only" and the Solar Panels switched off. My questi
  12. Hi Everyone, I am using HAO2 Battery Balancers for my Lead Acid Batteries, set of 8 one for each 4. The batteries are only five and a half months old, my question is how do I know that they are working? No lights? But I am told they make a high pitched sound which I cannot hear, ( getting old) so, I have a direct Digital read out showing me total voltage and I have WatchPower to compare. Thinking of purchasing those cheap12v digital displays for each battery instead of constantly measuring each one with a multi-meter as the batteries are in a Battery stand and rather awkward to get at the
  13. Thanks guys, for replying. Just a thought, I have enough solar panels in the daytime to cover all my power, this is what is confusing me and the wife. I am convinced there is an issue with how the installer wired my DB. Like I said, daytime load shedding is no problem at all, night time load shedding, the batteries take over with no heating appliances being used, there is gas hob and a gas geyser, LED lights through out. remember the pre-paid meter ran out around 12noon, the solar panels are at their best performance. (perhaps I should have mentioned, I have solar panels and I apologize f
  14. Hi There, No, the pre-paid ran out during the day, the power went off. The wife thought it was load shedding and wondered why the Inverter did not take over as it always does, we do not even know that load shedding is happening most times hence the wife wanting to contact me to tell me that there is an issue with the Inverter. The pre-paid had zero units, my question is why did the Inverter not click in to resume the power? It works very well with loadshedding but not when units on the pre-paid meter is finished. Hope I'm making sense now. Regards
  15. Hi There, I would like to ask a question, During the day with me being at work the wife was busy in the house when suddenly the power went off, she assumed it was load shedding and also could not understand why the Inverter did not take over as it always has done. She was about to phone me when she discovered the Pre-paid meter reached zero ( she forgot to top up) there was no load shedding she purchased R200 and everything was back to normal. My question is why is this? Is it the law of connection from the Municipality or should the inverter have taken over until realization oc
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