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  1. Hi There, You can try Mustek, they are Mecer agents, very professional. I have taken my Mecer 4Kw for inspection, nice people https://mustek.co.za/mecer-axpert-family/ Based in Richmond. Regards
  2. HI Coulomb, Yes I did, all to Utility. Funny enough, when I replaced the old batteries with the ones I have now, I did the same setup on the Inverter so the wife could carry on with her house work, only then no accidental trip of the Main switch or load shedding.
  3. Hi @GVC @Coulomb, Just received my Inverter and they found nothing wrong with it at all. They did however explain to me that, with me changing the Power sources all to Utility prior me disconnecting the batteries, the Inverter will stay on, PROVIDED I do not LOSE Utility power eg: Load Shedding or in my case, accidental utility power off, the Inverter had no alternative power to draw from and politely switched itself off. Only to return power when I re-connect the Battery bank.. Makes sense...Right?
  4. Hi GVC, No I don't, but I am having a change over switch box made to use a generator at night should load shedding exceed my battery life. (using 8 Deltec lead acid batteries) You maybe correct in what you are saying, all it needed was the Secondary power source. I will still take the Inverter to Mecer for a check over (piece of mind) My thought is, the Inverter probably thought it was load shedding and no back up power to continue and powered off. Although Utility was restored, the Inverter remained off due to no secondary power source. Just hope that is the case.
  5. Hi Coulomb and GVC, Before I disconnected the battery bank I went into WatchPower and set "Charger Source priority" to Utility. "Output Source priority" Utility. Then Switched off the Battery Bank at the Fuse Box then the Solar Panels Circuit Breaker off. The Inverter stayed on removed the batteries and dropped them off at the Agents,, this was last week Tuesday, the accidental trip happened yesterday afternoon. Your thoughts? Possibly lost it's settings?
  6. Hi There, Yesterday I arrived home from work and my wife told me she accidentally bumped the two circuit breakers Main and Supply to the Mecer Inverter removing some plastic containers out of the cupboard where the DB is situated. She immediatley switched them back on, but the Inverter remained non functional and no power to the house. My batteries have been removed and sent back to the Agents Deltec for examination and desulphation checks as the batteries are still under warranty. So the inverter was set to "Utility source only" and the Solar Panels switched off. My questi
  7. Hi Everyone, I am using HAO2 Battery Balancers for my Lead Acid Batteries, set of 8 one for each 4. The batteries are only five and a half months old, my question is how do I know that they are working? No lights? But I am told they make a high pitched sound which I cannot hear, ( getting old) so, I have a direct Digital read out showing me total voltage and I have WatchPower to compare. Thinking of purchasing those cheap12v digital displays for each battery instead of constantly measuring each one with a multi-meter as the batteries are in a Battery stand and rather awkward to get at the
  8. Thanks guys, for replying. Just a thought, I have enough solar panels in the daytime to cover all my power, this is what is confusing me and the wife. I am convinced there is an issue with how the installer wired my DB. Like I said, daytime load shedding is no problem at all, night time load shedding, the batteries take over with no heating appliances being used, there is gas hob and a gas geyser, LED lights through out. remember the pre-paid meter ran out around 12noon, the solar panels are at their best performance. (perhaps I should have mentioned, I have solar panels and I apologize f
  9. Hi There, No, the pre-paid ran out during the day, the power went off. The wife thought it was load shedding and wondered why the Inverter did not take over as it always does, we do not even know that load shedding is happening most times hence the wife wanting to contact me to tell me that there is an issue with the Inverter. The pre-paid had zero units, my question is why did the Inverter not click in to resume the power? It works very well with loadshedding but not when units on the pre-paid meter is finished. Hope I'm making sense now. Regards
  10. Hi There, I would like to ask a question, During the day with me being at work the wife was busy in the house when suddenly the power went off, she assumed it was load shedding and also could not understand why the Inverter did not take over as it always has done. She was about to phone me when she discovered the Pre-paid meter reached zero ( she forgot to top up) there was no load shedding she purchased R200 and everything was back to normal. My question is why is this? Is it the law of connection from the Municipality or should the inverter have taken over until realization oc
  11. OK Cool, Thank for replying, yes it makes sense should issues arise. I have 3 banks of 4 panels with one on its own which will have an addition of 3 more panels to complete the 4th bank. So, good to go then. Thank You SagieN
  12. Hi There, At present I have (9) 255W Solar panels connected to my Inverter, I would like to add 3 more panels which are 265W as I am unable to obtain 255W panels. My Installer is saying that he will have to run a 2nd set of cables as my present cables will not handle the current of all 12 panels, so a 2nd set of cables will reduce the Amps. Is he correct in saying so? I really did not anticipate the extra cost of cabling as I already had to purchase mounting rails and clamps which I have mounted already in preparation to connect. Inverter Specs: Inverter Mode Rated Po
  13. @Coulomb, Thank you for all your effort and patience in helping me sort out my Solar system once and for all. I have purchased 3 more Solar Panels to add to my existing array of 9 255W panels, sadly I was unable to purchase 255W but 265W but (I am told) will denominate to 255W, the full compliment will add up to 3060W (probably never reach that figure) I will install after the silly season as relatives are starting to arrive. Coulomb, to you and your family have a fantastic Christmas (please overindulge) and a very prosperous and eventful New Year Warm Regards
  14. @Coulomb OK, Firmware Flashed to 73.00e reduced the maximum charge current and maximum utility charge current to 30 A. Bulk Charging Voltage (C.V. voltage) remains at 56.4v Float Charging Voltage remains at 54v In the Pics Please check: Back to Discharge 54v ? Back to Grid Voltage 48v ? Battery cut-off voltage 44.5v ? The white lines you see in the WatchPower pics are my 12v LED light strips in my garage
  15. @Coulomb OK, makes perfect sense, I should still have firmware 73.00e on my laptop after the flash I will then lower the charge current to 30A. Thank you for your valued advice
  16. @KLEVA Thank you very much for a very informative and interesting Lead Acid charge setting. I will follow your steps most definitely. I have sent an email to to Deltec to the person I purchased the batteries from, he is in charge of the Solar section at Deltec, it will be interesting to read his reply of WatchPower settings. As soon as he replies, I will share with you his response. From your info, it makes sense and will definitely bring the amp charge down from 40 to 25. Will let you know soonest.
  17. @Coulomb @KLEVA Battery Equalizer 2 off
  18. Hi @Coulomb @KLEVA, Coulomb about my Control Board it is what I was told at the counter when receiving my Inverter. I will consider flashing 73.00e after the silly season. and once again thank you for replying. My Batteries are Deltec 105ah sealed Lead Acid 1250 Highcycle I have taken some pics. On the 4X4 forums they are highly recommended for their durability and almost run flat situations and recharge rather quickly, for my use I am told they will give me quite a few years 5/6 I'm not sure. Bought two Battery Equalizers one for each bank of 4 connected in series, which is no
  19. @Coulomb Hi Coulomb, Just a heads-up on my Inverter, collected it on Thursday and connected yesterday. The Mecer Technician mentioned whilst Flashing the new Firmware to the Control Board, heaven forbid Load Shedding started unabated and corrupted the Control Board in the middle of the Flashing So, I have a new Control Board and Firmware which by the way, was sent from Voltronic as the correct firmware for my model Inverter 72.61. lastly I was not charged a cent for the work done If you will Coulomb, please check my WatchPower settings, (attached pics) today is a cloudy day my ch
  20. @Cef Hi Really good work and a great effort you have put in the software.
  21. Hi Coulomb, My guess is when the electrician (The first one) who got me out of darkness possibly and more than likely moved more wires around than what he told me. The Inverter wires were not touched. I am just glad that I am back to Solar , we are now experiencing Stage 6 Load Shedding meaning, 2 1/2 Hrs in the Daytime and 2 1/2 Hrs at night Happy Man now
  22. Hi Coulomb, AT LAST! The Solar Installer came to the house last night and he practically flipped his lid when he saw my DB Board. He connected the wiring correctly as you suspected and VOILA! The Inverter is working as it should . See the pic of the wiring now, compare it with the previous one, a huge difference. AC/ Hz is at 50Hz all good now. I will have to phone Mecer and tell them the story. Again thank you for your patience with me Coulomb and I hope others on the Forum will take heed from my 2 week anguish.
  23. Hi Coulomb, My Inverter went to Mecer for the Flashing Green LED and possible Control Board replacement. A friend of mine that has a 48v Inverter, a Proline Energy told me I can use it, as he doesn't have enough panels for it and I can have power whilst Load Shedding takes place. Sadly, his inverter shows exactly the same symptom as my Mecer was showing. Now, going back to "Error 90" I was unable to obtain power on that day from the inverter as well as NO Eskom mains supply and it was getting dark quickly, I called an Electrician friend of mine to please help me out and put mains pow
  24. Hi Coulomb, I am now in communication with a Solar installer, hopefully they identify the problem as you have mentioned, I really appreciate your time trying to help me and pointing me in the right direction. You rock and the people on the Forum. I will keep you posted.
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