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  1. SOLD . I bought this for my own installation, used it once with intention to make more cables up and never did. Works like a charm. R1200 or nearest offer. THREE-D HP-240 Hydraulic Cable Lug Crimper with Dies in Carry Case Product Description: HP-240 is a hand-operated hydraulic crimping tool, designed with Bolt-Locked H Type Head, quick speed pumping, 10 pairs dies, pressure release button, used to crimp Cu/AL cable lugs and connectors (16-240mm2) Features: 1. Applicable for Crimping Cu and Al connectors onto cables. Can be widely used in electric transmis
  2. First of all if I'm posting in the wrong place please excuse me. R50.000 - Full 2nd Hand Solar System Currently Installed. Or make me an offer... Reason I'm selling?, A nasty tree I can do nothing about is casting shade making it very in-efficient to have this system. The system is fully operation and includes EVERYTHING you need except mounting brackets for the panels. Other than that move it, hook it up and you're good to go! As one would expect, there is superficial usage wear and tear. The system is working perfectly well and easily generates 2.3 - 2.5kw It h
  3. Hi Wetkit, thank you so much for your answer. What you say about Grid-Tie-Backup makes a lot of sense. Could you please let me know what your power management settings are? I've attached what I have .... bare with me, I'm really trying to learn the quirks of the unit so my questions might sound somewhat stupid. I was in off grid mode today but the inverter didn't kick in the power switched off... I had to do so manually. Thanks!
  4. Hi, I'm in the final process of setting up my infinisolar 3kw+ and would really like to know what settings others are using or recommend. Here is my kit: 250w Panels x 12 Trojan t105's x 8 (48v) Infinisolar 3Kw+ This afternoon I hooked up the infini to the battery bank, solar panels are on the roof but not mounted or connected yet so I'm looking to connect in UPS/Backup mode for now At this stage I'm curious to know what more experienced members would recommend for parameter settings, I've attached a screenshot of what I have and I'm a little confused on a few of them quite frankly. Th
  5. This unit looks exactly like an infinisolar 3kw+, even the LCD readout is idendical, in fact I'd be willing to bet it's rebranded or vise versa.
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