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  1. @charlez, I'm using Hassio Home Assistant in my computer. I m not progamer guy so I just follow some tutorials in the internet. I gues the code is not Python, it's written in yaml file. You can find it in Google by keyword. "hassio mpp solar inverters".
  2. I have a simple and stupid solution for error 08. Because I can monitor the bus voltage from my inverter, I made a code in my Home Assistant that will change the inverter to SBU if the bus voltage is more than 480 V. And that has saved me from error 08 several times. This is my bus voltage yesterday, when it rained the bus voltage rose several times.
  3. @charlez, I am waiting your good news...
  4. Hello guys... My problem is the same as yours when it rains. My panels is Canadian Solar 315W Poly. It's just a coincidence or there is a problem with Canadian Solar.
  5. Yes I have the latest firmware.
  6. I live at the equator, the sun sets at 17:30. You are right that I moved to the grid at 17:30. The mystery happened at 20.45 and at 23.50 when suddenly the bus voltage rises quickly. My water heater only turns on during the day. The load at that night was three air-cond and two fridges (about 1500W). If this problem related to the loads, maybe at that time, all loads turned on at the same time.
  7. I have the battery current graph. My data recording speed is 30 second.
  8. Hello forum, I have pip5048mg and been running for two months without issue. Last night I have the same problem with error code 08. Waiting for a solution from this forum. I have the bus voltage graph for my inverter. The line mode start at 5.30 PM, nothing happen until 8.40 pm when the bus voltage start to up. And at 11.55 pm the error occurred. Thanks.
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