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  1. In my view I would also like to separate the elements into distinct separate elements one mains and the other solar. The reason being that you do not want to be stuck with a 1000w for solar and say a mains one of 2/3 kW. Also you could use a 110v 2kW element with a DC solar supply directly off the panels and the normal mains element for overcast days or nigth time usage with independant thermostats and supply wiring! Alternately the smaller/larger dual geyser system is probably best for winter when the water supply temperature is first fed into a preheating geyser before being fed into the larger geyser that is feeding the taps/showers. Lots of energy is wasted when the ice cold supply water is fed directly into the larger geyser during usage. It seems that these dual separate element geyser options are not readily available in South Africa unfortunately!


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