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  1. Hello guys i have another problem again my Battery Pylontech is only charging upto 4 bars on the SOC and stops instead of 6 bars. My inveter is Kodak OG 5.48. When it gets to 4 bars the inverter is stopping the charge and diaplays a solid green charging light which means battery full
  2. Tha Thank you so much @Jaco de Jongh yes I have only 1 battery connected. I will look for a test meter and test the output voltage Yes the battery is switching on and shows a green light for power and when you start it with the SW its flashing all the lights including SOC then they switch off leaving a red ALM So what should I do if after testing I find the voltage to be over or under
  3. Good day. I bought a pylontech battery US3000 and I took some time without charging it and now its showing a red ALM light and the light is not turning off and the battery is not charging My inverter is Kodak 0GX 5.48 Is there any way to make the light turn off? Thank you for your support
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