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  1. So I finally ordered an ITS EV tube collector and need some info from people who have installed EV tubes before. My Questions: 1. SR81 or Geyserwise controller? - SR81 claims to be better, but more expensive. 2. 12V or 220V pump? - Worried about pump not working during load shedding or cloudy days. 3. Anti Siphon Loop? - Should these still be installed if there is non-return valves already installed. Any help is appreciated.
  2. Thanks so much for all the info thus far. For me currently Flat plate seems the best option. It is cheapest and safest. The Geyserwise is really nice but according to my maths (might not be 100% accurate, but should be a good estimate), the geyserwise PV system will not get the geyser warm enough during then day, thus ending up paying Eskom more. I have attached my maths, should anybody be interested... For me the ROI on a Flat plate is around 3 years, even less if Eskom keeps messing up like they are doing right now. The most expensive part is the installation, as the going rate in
  3. Has anyone actually installed one? What savings are you getting? Are your geysers almost off grid? For 2 of us we have a 200L geyser, I want to convert. Reasons for considering Geyserwise PV: - DIY installation possible (No plumbing required) - At around 17k is is chepaer than EV. - ROI is about 4years if almost no Eskom is needed. An help is appreciated as this all very new.
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