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  1. @plonkster @Fuenkli @Bobster Hi All, I have spoken to David (Goodwe SA Support) - when the batteries temp falls below 15 degrees the charging Amps drops by more than half for the protection of the batteries. Today when the degrees on my batteries went up to 20 degrees the charging Amps increased to 74 Amps. This explains why the charging is different. Thank you for assisting with the replies and advice.
  2. Thank you @Fuenkli! My batteries are connected via the BMS. Makes sense what you are saying. Thank you all for the advice and input. Really appreciated!
  3. Thank you @plonkster I have just read through the thread and I see @Bobster mentioned his batteries are in self-defined mode. That is probably the change that needs to happen as mine are using the settings that comes with the PV Master app for the Pylontech batteries. I have also reached out to the guy that installed my solar and he is going to talk to David (Goodwe South Africa contact). Let's see what he says. Thank you @plonkster
  4. Hi All, first time posting. Hope everyone is safe and well! I have a Goodwe ES Inverter (4.6kw) installed with 2 x Pylontech US3000 Batteries and 16 x 365w Panels on my roof. From what I can see the MPPT in the Inverter is able to charge my batteries at 3kw. I have discovered that even though I am generating 5kw of PV on my batteries are only charging at 1.14kw. My load on my house at the time I checked was 580w. The reason I know I was generating 5kw of PV is because I had turned my geyser on (3.3kw), Washing Machine (2kw) and Tumble Dryer (2kw). By doing this the load on
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