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  1. Thanks Jay-Dee. The fuse is a Bussmann ETN Series 1000V dc 30 amp. How can I check the MAX / Peak current?
  2. I have 4 Canadian 320w panels connected. They are divided into 2 strings of 2 panels each and then connected in parallel with y-MC4 connectors. The Voc of each panel is 45v and their Imp 8amp. Am I correct in calculating their combined volts as 90 and their amps as 16? Is the 30amp of the fuse in the combiner box high enough for their current?
  3. Any tips on how I can get rid of the EMI noise on our hifi and radio from my Axpert 5kw inverter?
  4. Louis, Just to make sure I understand you correctly: what I currently have is four panels that are connected in serie 2X2 strings and then joined with y-connectors. Does that make it a parallel connection? How do you choose between parallel or serie connections? What are the pros and cons?
  5. Thanks. I was advised to connect them in series of 3x2. Can I still keep the existing 4 combined on the roof connected to the combiner box with only the 2 existing cables?
  6. Hi. I have an Axpert 5kwa inverter with 1 pylontech 3.5kw battery and 4 canadian 320w panels. The 4 panels are in 2 strings of 2 each combined on the roof with 2 y-shaped MC4 connectors. I have bought 2 more panels (330w) with a combiner box with place for 6 strings of panels. Should I separate the 4 existing panels into 2 strings or can I keep them combined?
  7. I have recently replaced my 8 Sonic gel batteries with a pylontech 3.5kwh. I use a RCT Axpert 5kva inverter with 4 canadian solar panels. Is it essential to install the raspberry pi also?
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