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  1. Thanks for your feedback, Coulomb... I'd be quite devastated if the battery is dead. I will try and have it charged as per your suggestion and cross my fingers that the battery is not done for...
  2. Hi Louisvdw Thanks a lot for getting back to me. I am still trying to figure out what panels I have but, I have attached pictures of the battery as well as the inverter for serial and model numbers. When my brother, also an enthusiast first installed this, all worked fine because the battery was still full but my children drained the battery and since then I have been getting the 04 error which indicates that the voltage is too low. The weird thing is every evening around 17H00 the inviter just switches on and attempts to charge but nothing happens then it switches itself off again.
  3. Hi there I am quite new at this. Solar energy is definitely not my forte and I am trying. My brother is an electrician and he has installed two solar panels, a Synerji inverter as well as two 12 volt batteries. The system is currently off grid and my load was not that much but after installation, it seemed like the panels are not charging the batteries. The inverter just switches off at 22.2v and I get an error04 message which indicates that the battery voltage is too low. However, the inverter attempts to turn on and off from time to time but does not seem to charge the
  4. Hi everyone. My name ie Thapelo and I am very very new to this topic. I have just purchased a synerji inverter and after installation, it shows error 73. How di I resolve this?
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