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  1. Hi, I bought it from the sun pays.
  2. Those 4 string boxes work out to about R3500 incl shipping and taxes to SA. This is via the global shipping program on ebay. If you take the time you might get them cheaper, I spent about a min having a look. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F254288080481
  3. Also its running a version 72.70, probably modified. Have tested it and it is working with ac and pv input. But I require one to parallel with my existing inverter. This was bought back in March and mounted but not used until I got hold of 8 more panels last week. When I tried to flash it to 73.00 and it refused I realised it is a clone and also does not want to parallel with my other model.
  4. No I can confirm that they are clone models and not rebranded. Tried to flash it and then stumbled upon the fact that clones exist. So it has never even worked. Replacing it with the one I am buying from Valken on this very forum. It will probably however parallel with another of its kind. Unfortunately I also did not keep the packaging for it.
  5. I am open to offers. Also have a battery balancer, think its the ha-02 or something like that. And a Sun Pays 5kva inverter with 4kw mppt.
  6. Hi, Got this Victron 150/45 for sale. 150v and 45A MPPT. Was used for a few months but then stored. Looking at 6k? Unfortunately no box or papers but in a good working condition and I can supply pdf version of manual. Based in Witbank MP but can courier
  7. Yes. I have just reflashed my own inverter after reading about the bug. But I would be hesitant to flash his inverter as the fw might be incompatible. Even the setup with the buttons are different. I am going to ask him to go through the settings on his inverter until I can go look at it. But might recommend him getting a victron mppt rather
  8. I will only be able to give battery voltages when on the farm which is a good 300+km from me. I will get a bit more info about the inverter and come back to you. Thanks for the speedy info. Where can I look for the firmware? Is that in the downloads section?
  9. Hi Guys, Could you please assist me in helping a friend, he has an off grid system,on a remote farm. He has a Synerji 5kva,with 9 300w panels,3 in series,connected to 3 in parallel. The inverter is then connected to 8 205ah batteries,also HA-02 per 4 batteries. The issue is that the batteries don't fully charge in one day. And he has to get up at 2-3 in the mornings to start the generator. The loads he has are a box deep freezer and a TV in the house. The lights all run from a 12v system that is separate. I don't know what else to do for him anymore to tr
  10. Hi Chris-R, do you have any of these? Looking to buy one please
  11. Just to let everyone know, my install is up and running, currently only with 3 panels and 4 batteries, just using as a backup at the moment and to run about 55watts of outdoor lights every night. Will expand as my budget allows in the near future.
  12. Dont worry I came right with a clamp meter. Somehow from the disconnect got confused with positive and negative and swopped them. Stupid mistake
  13. Can someone please assist me? I got around to installing my system, 3 panels at 260w each in series. And the 5kva axpert and 4 batteries just for backup. Anyway, my pv charge isnt working. When I open the pv circuit I get 101vdc. But when closed its just not charging. And watchpower just says cpu2 fw is 0.00000 dont know what to check etc
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