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  1. new batt is in and charged up bring the loadshedding
  2. imo it will just take longer to charge is all. but yeah i worked it out as 37 + 37 + 25 = 99 (sorry not sure why i said 110 before), likewise why i said if you cant actually provide that much it doesnt matter to change it.
  3. i feel like yours should be higher than 40A? like imo 110A is safe for yours isnt it? of course it makes no diff if you cant provide that much then might as well keep it lower. (i am also not sure of the systems limit off hand, i am assuming it is like 100, and split on PV and AC, but you get the idea)
  4. Hi All, so finally after about 6 months of having my system i got another 2.4Kw pylontech to add to the system. I was hoping to get advice on the safe and proper way to put it into my system my idea is to toggle the inverter to its "off" position, then turn the existing pylontech off. then i plan to pull the fuse box disconnect open to essentially disconnect the batteries from the inverter. Then wire it up as such: the dip swtiches i am not 100% sure on, do i leave them all as 000 since there is only 1 group? (i.e group 0) then i would turn on the power bu
  5. i have thought about this, or even changing my geysers element and running it off the system, i feel like it will be more to juggle though (timing and power outtages etc), i also don't really want to stress the system more than i need to. have you gone this route?
  6. thanks for your feedback frankly i think with it just being me and my wife a smaller geyser will be perfect, i often shower at gym anyway, there are some weeks where i end up showering at home like twice. i considered a gas geyser, but they aren't cheap and then you still need to purchase gas, i feel with a solar geyser my break even will be way sooner and besides for issues or an occasional service the system will run for free.
  7. Hi All, I was hoping for some consolidated info and opinions, I currently have a 200L geyser sitting in my roof, i want to put in a solar geyser this year and was considering my options. What is the opinion on the best solution all round, in terms of usability and cost effectiveness? should i be looking to retrofit the current geyser or should i be looking at a new one all together and what is the opinion on the different types, with panels, with evacuated tubes etc? lastly any suggestions on reliable suppliers/installers and what to look out for? Thanks
  8. yeah he said inductive so i assumed it was not your regular heater type element but some funky space heater with a motor perhaps
  9. why on earth are you running a heater in summer xD its likely the inrush current of the heater is overloading the inverter, that or your batteries are chronically under charged. Does the inverter power other loads fine?
  10. it probably has a low cut off voltage, do you have any kind of manual/spec sheet? i doubt it is adjustable though
  11. nah his problem is definitely the charge/cut off settings he had that trigger the first problem, the one you are talking about he probably has but is secondary also setting 2 will override setting 11 if it is lower
  12. you aren't wrong, his load is so low though anyway.
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