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  1. Hi how can I get hold of the new firmware of the Axpert King Mine is 71.50
  2. I do understand that there is an update for the Axpert King's firmware, is that true, and where can I get hold of it?"
  3. morning MilesI had a simmelar problem, 28 was set at parralel, 30 was set at all, so all our settings was correct,( the PV should not be interconnected) Our fault was the current sharing cable was the wrong way arroun, a easy mistake to make, left must be left and right miust be right, and now we have a happy customer.
  4. where did you get hold of the firmware
  5. Hi Chris Hobson I am sure you have answered this question before at what voltage is the Pylontech battery full and at what voltage will it be 20%
  6. Thank you guys for the feed back, you are right, you have to switch it on in a specific sequence, first all you dc supplies, then you check that it show HS(for Master) and SL (for Slave) if it do not configure like that automatically, you must go to Point 28 and set it to PAL on both of them. The you switch on the utility and load.
  7. I have installed my two 5KVA axperts in parallel, followed all the steps as per the manual. But it do not give the LCD display as per the manual, where it is suppose to show (HS) for master and (SL) for slave it shows nothin , Can any body give me some advice. Thanx
  8. Thank you Chris for the welcome and the answer. I am a electrical design engineer, and want also to offer my experience to the group.
  9. Good Morning everybody, I need a Axpert expert. I bought Axpert inverters, but is only getting the batteries in February, can I connect the inverters with out batteries, to supplement my daily usage
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