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  1. I think Heidelberg must be the worst place to stay when it comes to thunder and electrical storms. I have 8 x TV's and 2 x DSTV decoders. In one summer I lost them all, three times in a row, over a time period of about 8 weeks. I am not even talking about telephones, modems and gate intercom systems. Those are a given, I lose them every storm. I have 8 x ADSL modems lying around here, all have lightning damage. I now just buy the cheapest modem I can find. I have also thrown out all the lightning protection devices. Lightning goes through them like they don't even exist. They don't work, they only cost more money to replace every time. I never earthed my panels standing 10m in the sky on the tracker. Every time I earth something, lightning takes it out. It seems lightning looks around for something that is properly earthed and strikes it as it has a proper path to earth. I also have a two way radio I use for our local CPF. It has an external antenna that is about 4m above roof height that is not earthed either. It has never been hit by lightning in the last 4 years.
  2. Very little we can buy these days that don't come from China.
  3. @Sidewinder, that is well within the limits for a 5kW unit. They will not self destruct and explode. If they cannot handle the load, they would disconnect the load and shut down.
  4. I would say if it has the badge, it is a Mercedes. If not, it is probably a grey product manufactured in France.
  5. When I got the BMV 702, I could connect to the BMV 702 with my laptop via VictronConnect. The last time I connected to the BMV with my laptop, there was a popup to inform me that there was an updated version available and asked if I would I like to download and upgrade to the latest version. I clicked on "Yes". Since then, VictronConnect fails to pick up my BMV 702. As the BMV 702 is always connected to my Pi, it would have been great if VictronConnect was available for the Pi. I was just wondering if anyone else with a BMV 702 encountered the same problem?
  6. A Snappy Chef Induction stove also works well. You can select anything from 200W - 2000W, depending on how long you are prepared to wait for the water to boil.
  7. Yes, it can run without a battery bank, the same as any GTI.
  8. I have no idea either. I personally would not bother with it. I would store my excess power on the grid during the day and use it at night. It probably depends on your meter and your circumstances. If you have a prepaid meter, you would want to make sure no power goes back to the grid.
  9. That is a bargain. Buying an Infini for less than the price an Axpert.
  10. Hi @Noobie. If you only have one DB, you can prevent the Infini exporting to grid by setting the settings. If you set it up as per your sketch, the Infini would see your House DB Box as Eskom. Therefore if you had excess power after feeding your Inverter DB box, it would export the excess power to the House DB box. If there is still excess power available after feeding the House DB box, it would go to grid. If there is a shortfall of power, it will draw power from the grid. In this case you cannot prevent feedback to the grid, unless you have a limiter installed (A) as marked on your sketch.
  11. That is all you need Mark to keep the the Infini going, should the power go down during the day and prevent it from shutting down.
  12. It takes some time to train them. A few days ago I noticed I am drawing 5000 watts from by batteries. My daughter decided to switch on the dishwasher and tumble dryer while making some toast in the kitchen. I have heard of a 3kW infini handling a surge of 8kW. Not sure of the circumstances or for how long?
  13. Hi @Mark, without batteries you have a pure GTI. You can always add batteries later when we do load shedding again. As far as I know the surge value is at least double that of the rated power. Maybe someone with an Infini can confirm it for us.
  14. The Infini can do exactly that. Feed your essential loads at all times and "Export" excess power to non essential loads instead of the grid.
  15. Hi @Noobie. If you want a GTI and a control system that can do all that, buy an Infini. It is a GTI that does not shut down when Grid power goes down. With the settings you can select whether you want to feed back excess power to the grid or not. No fancy expensive control systems required. With Grid Power available, you have a GTI. Without Grid Power, it operates the same as an Axpert.


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