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  1. Thanks for the response guys. I think i will go with the pylon tech and deye combo. It seems we are in for another series of load shedding and eskom is also busy working on the powerlines here where we will have an outage from 8 till 4 tomorrow. Yeah...just ***** great! Initially i plan on just connecting power to the deye via wall socket to charge the batteries then remove all power and use the the system as needed as a generator. I read somewhere Lithium-ion batteries can hold their charge up to a year....not that i am planning to do this long term (2-3 weeks) Following that i will
  2. Firstly hello to everyone on the forum i'm really glad to have found a lot of oke's willing to share their knowledge with everyone. I have been looking into doing my own solar setup for some time now for even though the diy route seems daunting . I'm looking into a system to firstly help me combat load shedding and run as an UPS. I do not want to feed power into the grid or go full off grid. For now i only want to power an essential load of a 1000w that needs to run for 4-5 hours in the event of grid failure. The initial system will be without solar only drawing power from the grid. I will ins
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