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  1. Hi, New here so if I missed this somewhere already mention elsewhere in the forum please forgive me for asking again. Thanks to this forum I have learnt a lot in 3 weeks and still got lots to learn. I have managed to get to a point with the help of few individuals on this forum my home assistant to connect and display data from the Axpert inverter 48v MKIII. But what I have noticed after some adjustments that the battery capacity of 7700Wh is being surpassed if I calculate the volts * net amps to the battery from the inverter. How is this possible? Or am I n
  2. Hem

    Axpert Logger

    Hi GVC, Hows the progressing coming along on this project, would like to be involved - just got me setup done this week and would like to integrate to home automation. looking forward to some updates. kind regards Hemant
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