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  1. I received 4 x 100AH batteries that are 3 years old. I would like to install a system that can give me power during loadshedding, about 2 hours 30 min. How do I go about desining it and which is better 12 / 24 / 48 volt? I avarage at night about 600 watt constant usage, sometime 1.5Kw. Would it be something like this if I want to cater for 1000w for 3 hours to make it easier: 3 x 1000w = 300kw. 3000w / 12v = 250amp 3000w / 24v = 125amp 3000w / 48v = 62.5amp If I connect the 4 batteries as 12 volt then I have total 400amp, work on 50% DOD which is 200amp or 2400 watt If I connect the 4 batter
  2. Hi Anyone of knowledge / specification of the PSS Sealed Rechargeable Battery PSS 6FM100 12V100AH/20HR?
  3. So does that mean the axpert cannot feedback but can be grid tied?
  4. THanks all Superdiy . Primary I am looking for something that I can plug in the eskom 3phase as well as the solar singlephase and then on the other side only 1phase out to my main DB into a 63A mains breaker to feed ALL the circuits. I would primarly want to run off solar during the day and battery as backup if eskom decides to shed some power. Ideally I would like power to be drawn from solar and if solar cannot provide enough, pull from eskom. If there are more power generated from the solar and not cunsumed and batteries are fully cahrge, then feedback to grid. All to be automatic. Basica
  5. Hi Carl, thanks for the feedback. It's something that I was wondering on if it is possible to do. Hence I draw the diagram to explain my thinking. Whether the flow of things are in the correct order, I do not know and would like to get some assitance from people that know more than I do. I am investigating these options to see if it will be cheaper (maybe bit more of a mess) than buying three inverters. I also do not know how three inverters connected for 3-phase need to be connected to the solar panels and batteries. Do you have to have three solar arrays that feed each inverter and three b
  6. So is there nothing that can do possibly this, if it is doable and legal?
  7. Thank DB9. Is the 60AMP breaker feeding the breaker on the right? Are you feeding the inverter from your mains as well to charge the batteries or do you have solar going to the inverter and then into the DB?
  8. Hi DeepBass9. Thanks for the feedback. Can you possibly post a pic of what he did? Interested to see what AMP breakers you have on the phases as mine are 3 x 40 amp. If I swaitch on everyting, then 1x 40amp feed wont make it.
  9. I was hoping for another solution than installing the 3-phase inverter as they are very costly. Is there no way to run the system?
  10. Thanks Mike, but trying to get everything on it...:-) Then main aim would be to run of solar / wind during day time thus shifting geyser on time etc to peak production. The battery will only be used if there is loadshedding an dduring that time the gesyer and oven should not be used.
  11. Thanks all for the reply. The issue is that it is 3 x 40amp breakers and ideally I would like to put everything on. I only need about backup power for 1Kw constant for 2 hours but the idea is to roll out solar and or wind. Wetkit, I actually do live in CPT and pay the same as single phase. R1.34 per kwh under 600kwh and R1.60 (something) over 600kwh. I do not really want to ask the municipality to change the meter as it will cost me more than R4000 for them to come out and do it. Plus it is one of the very old spindle meters. Will look into the UPS option and see how it can be integrated wit
  12. Not sure if this is the fcorrect thread to place it,but hope someone can help me I have 3-phase at home. I bought the house as is. Looking at the options available, it is almost double the price as single phase . Is there such a device / conversion I can implement that I either connect all three phases and convert it to a single phase, from there into an inverter / UPS with additional solar panel power. From there feed a single phase into the main DB as per normal installation? I do not have any equipment that is wired for 3 phase, just everything is split over the 3 phases
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