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  1. So I had a quick chat with my installer (the one who did my current house) and gave them the rundown of what I'm planning to hear their opinion as well. They're big fans of the Axpert King inverters so their recommendation is to have two of them and join them together. I'm still rather looking at my original list but with Sunsylk also in the running. For batteries however, they strongly discourage Dyness due to warranty not being great, the Hubble they don't really have strong opinions on (they think it is ok, but not great) and strongly recommend on of the following Lithium batteri
  2. Since I'm busy planning to build a new house, I was looking at roof tiles and came across this: https://marleyroofing.co.za/product/marley-solteq-pv-solar-tile/ or http://www.solteq.co.za/index.html Has anybody looked at this or enquired about price? It comes with a 40 year guarantee (will produce 80% of today's energy in 40 years) but I'm guessing it is going to cost a lot.
  3. Oh, I'm already planning almost all of this except for the split DBs, but I can maybe look into that. The only real non-essentials that I can think of would be the pool pump and pressure pumps (for rain and grey water). 2.a+b: I have dedicated space in the garage that doesn't take up any of the garage space. I could close it if I really want but I figured there would be more ventilation if I just leave everything open. 2.c: This is a bit hard as the PV panels are on the roof of the top floor. 2.f: Gas stove already planned, but with electric oven. I was looking into full g
  4. Hi, what is the normal price on these and are they compatible with these inverters?: Fronius Primo 8.2 and Fusion Hybrid 8kw? How long is the warranty on these? I assume the warranty starts on date of purchase, not date of installation.
  5. I see in your signature that you're using Pylontech batteries. How are they working out for you? As I've mentioned in my original post, I've heard some bad things.
  6. Thanks for all the responses. I'll try and work through everything and reply where needed. The panels that I'm looking at works out about R4.80/watt which seems about the same as the cheaper panels (looking at ArtSolar specifically). Space isn't an issue as I've designed the roof in such a way that I can fit 3 rows of panels that are 2.1m high. So if I put the panels for the geyser also on the north side of my roof, then there is space for about 27 panels on the north side (excluding the garage's roof). I've talked to a bunch of people (plumbers) and they recommend installin
  7. Hi, I'm somewhat new here (registered a while ago, but this is my first post). I'm busy designing a house with maximum solar efficiency in mind. I've turned the whole house on the yard so the roof faces north while the garage is still aligned with the yard / driveway that faces north-ish. The gap due to the difference in angles (which will fall in the garage), will make for a nice little area for all the solar equipment so no actual garage space is wasted. I pretty much have an idea of what I'm going for, but my query more relates to specific brands, how good they are and how the suppo
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