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  1. Bonjour chers tous, Est-ce que quelqu'un a l'expérience de l'utilisation de groupes de batteries pylontech avec les onduleurs growatt ?
  2. You are absolutely right, I even changed inverters to the spf5000es version but it is the same problem in rs485 communication mode. In CAN communication mode, there is no load current problem but it is unstable (BMS error).
  3. Hi dear, I have the same BMS error problem with my spf5000es inverters, so if you can share the software update with me. My email address is [email protected]
  4. Salut mon cher, j'ai le même problème d'erreur BMS avec mes onduleurs spf5000es, donc si vous pouvez partager avec moi la mise à jour logiciel. Mon adresse mail c'est [email protected] Merci d'avance.
  5. Hello dear all, I have a system with 5 spf5000es growatt inverters and 28 us2000 batteries in 4 groups with the communication accessories namely the hubs for the inverters and for the battery groups. they operate in parameter setting mode 05 = Li, 36 = L52. I had to restart already three times in 24 hours of operation. on the other hand in USE2 mode, I have no error message. In my opinion, it is the shutdown of the inverters which creates certain error messages. I am looking for advice if anyone has the same communication error and UPS shutdown problem and if there is a solution for it. thanks for any advice.
  6. Bonjour chers, Moi je dispose 5 onduleurs spf5000es en parallèle avec 4 armoires de 7 batteries US2000 chacun, la communication se passe avec 05=Li et 36=L52. Tout se passe relativement bien sauf que j'ai assez souvent des erreurs BMS sur un onduleur de façon fréquente. Cela entraîne un arrêt du système.
  7. Il a juste changé la langue de l'ordinateur, du français à l'anglais.
  8. Bonjours, Après plusieurs tentatives, des mises à jour et des contacts avec growatt d'une part et pylontech d'autre part, j'ai fini par mettre les onduleurs growatt SPF5000 HVM-P sur USER2.
  9. Bonjour, J'ai finalement résolu ce problème de blocage de batteryview avec l'aide d'un ingénieur Informaticien.
  10. Effectivement le problème semble être celui du BMS de l'onduleur. Suivons l'évolution ensemble
  11. Hello Youda, I read the various explanations given with great interest. I just received an update of my pylontech batteries so that my 18 us2kbpl batteries can communicate with the LV-HUB and my three growatt inverters SPF5000 HVM-P in rs485, but my problem I cannot run batteryview , a message like in the following image will appear and terminate the connection. Can you help me ? Thanks in advance.
  12. It seems perfect with a single inverter anyway for you. we keep looking. I have to change the rj45 on the LV-HUB side, it is not identical to that of the battery and the inverter.
  13. Hello, I look forward to you then. As for me, I tried with only one inverter running, the load current was at 25a but once the other two inverters were on, this current is shared and becomes 8a and per inverter. everything suggests that inverters only communicate with a single battery. i did the last software update to 500.09 / 02.03.null but it's still the same. I have doubts if the network crossover cables I am using are suitable. happy new year 2021.
  14. Hello J5, Thanks for the advice. i believe the best option we can have at the moment. I will keep the setting on US2 as well until this BMS issue is resolved for good. Best regards
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