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  1. Voc is 41.25 and isc is 9.2A...what i noticed on the 8kw label it states 18A but in the book shows 22A. Which one is correct... I just dont want to blow the mppts
  2. Hi, im new to the solar game... Im wanting to buy a 8kw inverter with 3 us3oo0 batteries. What is the max 345w ja solar panels i can run on it. Parallel and series... Please need some assistance. Thanks
  3. When having it connected 2s3p the mppt does not come on at all so i doubt having it 3s2p is the problem. Bms communication cable sorted but mppt still comes on anf goes off again no charging and this is in standby mode which is suppose to charge batteries full on a nice sunny day
  4. Thought coz VOCm is 145v and in 3s it gives me 112.5v which is under the max. Im not sure, not at home will have a look later. And the battery error 61 i have set it to pyl bit still not communicating with battert to inverter
  5. Good day...im having problem with my synapse 5kw king inverter. Mppt comes on and switches off again...i have got 6 panels 3s2p they are 330w ajy help please ànd have 4 pylon lithium bats 3000c getting 61 error
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